E-life Bio-Contour Supportive Shoulder Brace



Do you have a painful shoulder? The E-life shoulder brace can provide good support for an unstable shoulder. The silicone pad on the inside of the shoulder brace massages the large shoulder muscle and provides pressure in the right place so that the pain will decrease. The shoulder brace is elastic and has a cross-over strap which provides stability. This band can be infinitely adjusted for personal comfort and support.


Buying an E-life Supportive Shoulder Brace?

The E-life shoulder brace is an elastic brace that fits nicely around the shoulder. This “Bio-Contour” shoulder brace provides compression around the shoulder and stabilizes it with the crossover band. The crossover band can be adjusted continuously using the simple Velcro closure. The tighter it is secured, the more stable the shoulder will feel. The compression around the shoulder provides comfortable support, cushions the pain, and makes movements feel more stable. Additionally, there is a silicone lining on the inside of the shoulder brace to protect and massage the deltoid muscle.

Indications for E-life Shoulder Brace

  • Shoulder pain
  • After a shoulder dislocation
  • Feeling of instability in the shoulder
  • Pain in one or more of the rotator cuff muscles
  • Rupture of one or more rotator cuff muscles
  • Bursitis

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Features and Benefits of E-life Shoulder Brace

  • Removable silicone pad on the inside to support the deltoid muscle (attached with Velcro)
  • Very thin brace
  • Easy to wear under clothing
  • Barely visible under clothing
  • Easy to wash

How to Measure for the E-life Shoulder Brace?

This product is available in sizes S, M, L, & XL. See the size chart below for the appropriate size.

Size Upper Arm Circumference (biceps)
Small 25 – 28 cm
Medium 28 – 31 cm
Large 31 – 34 cm
XL 34 – 37 cm

Tips for the E-life Shoulder Brace!

  • Wear a undershirt or T-shirt under the E-life Shoulder Brace if desired, to protect the skin from pressure and friction.
  • Close the Velcro when taking off the E-life Shoulder Brace to preserve the material!
  • Wash the E-life Shoulder Brace (without the silicone pad) by hand and then let it air dry! Please do not use heat sources such as a heater or dryer. You can let it air dry.


Weight 0,2 kg

S, M, L, XL


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Frequently asked questions

For which complaints is the E-life Shoulder Brace suitable?

The E-life Shoulder Brace is suitable for people who suffer from shoulder pain, experience an unstable feeling in the shoulder, have complaints about the rotator cuff muscles or suffer from bursitis.

How does the compression of the shoulder brace work?

The shoulder brace provides compression around the shoulder and ensures that the head remains in the socket. The crossover strap can be infinitely adjusted using the Velcro closure, allowing you to determine the desired compression yourself.

What is the advantage of the silicone covering on the inside of the shoulder brace?

The silicone covering protects and massages the large shoulder muscle, providing optimal support for this muscle while wearing the shoulder brace.

Can I wear the E-life Shoulder Brace while exercising?

Yes, the E-life Shoulder Brace can be worn during exercise. The brace provides extra stability to the shoulder and can help reduce pain during physical activities.

Will a brace help my shoulder pain?

Yes, the E-life shoulder brace has a silicone pad that massages and applies pressure in the right place, which will reduce pain. In addition, the shoulder is supported by a brace and this helps with rest and recovery.

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