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Die E-life Bio-Contour Sport-Kniebandage mit Scharnieren bietet optimale Unterstützung beim Sport und bei aktiver körperlicher Betätigung! Die seitlichen Scharniere verhindern Knieverletzungen und helfen bei der Bewegungskontrolle. Das einzigartige Design und die hochwertigen Materialien sorgen für eine perfekte Passform und Tragekomfort. Die Knieorthese verfügt über eine Silikon Polsterung für einen Massageeffekt, der das reduziert >Schwellungen und Flüssigkeitsansammlungen reduzieren. Durch diese flexible Kompression bietet die Knieorthese eine optimale Unterstützung und eine Verbesserung der Propriozeption. Die Knieorthese ist sowohl für Männer als auch für Frauen geeignet.


E-Life Bio-Contour Sports Knee Brace with Hinges for Optimal Support

Looking for a supportive knee brace with hinges for comprehensive support? The E-life Bio-Contour sports knee brace with hinges provides ultimate knee support. A knee brace with hinges is used to provide support and stability to the knee in lateral and anterior-posterior directions. The E-Life knee braces have specially designed anatomical hinges built-in, allowing the knee to bend and extend naturally while providing extra support to prevent or heal injuries.

Knee Brace with Hinges for Extra Stability

The hinges in the E-Life Bio-Contour knee brace provide additional stability to the knee, reducing the risk of injury, especially during activities involving rotational or pivoting movements. This is particularly useful for individuals recovering from an injury and gradually loading their knee.

Silicone Pad for Proprioceptive Compression

The hinged knee brace features an anatomically shaped silicone pad that wraps around the patella and provides massaging compression, aiding in reducing edema (swelling, fluid buildup) and hematoma (bruising). Additionally, the silicone pad keeps the patella in the correct position, providing support and stabilization to the knee and patella in multiple directions.

Difference between Knee Brace with Hinges and Knee Brace without Hinges

If you’re wondering whether you need a knee brace with hinges or without hinges, it’s good to know that the main difference is the level of stability and freedom of movement. Generally, a knee brace with hinges offers more structural support and stability than one without hinges, although it may slightly limit mobility. You can view the E-life sports knee brace without hinges here.

Knee Brace without Hinges Knee Brace with Hinges
Compression and Support Primarily offers compression and support Provides compression and support along with extra stability
Freedom of Movement and Flexibility These braces are often flexible and elastic, designed to wrap around the knee and apply pressure to reduce swelling, relieve pain, and correct mild instability. These braces often feature hinges on the sides of the knee, allowing flexibility in forward and backward movements while stabilizing sideways movements.
When to Wear? Mainly used for general knee pain, mild injuries such as strains or sprains, and for prevention during activities with moderate impact. Especially suitable for recovery from more severe injuries, as they can guide and stabilize the knee in a particular direction of movement. They are also used by athletes who need extra stability during sports activities.

Benefits and Features of Knee Brace with Hinges

  • Universal brace: can be worn on both left and right sides!
  • Extra straps, both above and below the knee
  • Easy to put on by yourself
  • Easy to wash
  • High wearing comfort
  • Silicone patellar ring for patella stabilization
  • Double Velcro closure for stabilization during translation (important for ACL / PCL injuries)
  • The hinges on the sides provide extra stability without limiting knee mobility
  • The 3D knit provides depth and structure to the knee brace, resulting in a better fit, support, and comfort.
  • The adjustable straps ensure customizable support as needed.
  • Made of high-quality material: 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex, and a 100% silicone pad.
  • Available in sizes S, M, L, and XL
  • Suitable for both men and women.

Ondersteuning 2 Probrace

Indications for Using the Knee Sports Brace

  • Moderate instability of the knee joint
  • Moderate to severe meniscus injury
  • Articular effusion and swelling
  • Chronic inflammation post-surgery or trauma
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome
  • MCL injuries / ruptures of the knee
  • During sports activities for extra support
  • Moderate to severe feeling of instability / uncertainty in the knee

Determining the Right Size

Maatname KniebraceThe knee brace is available in sizes S to XL, suitable for both men and women, and can be worn on both left and right knees. Measure the circumference of the knee and read the correct size in the table below.

Size Knee Circumference
S 33 – 36 cm
M 36 – 38 cm
L 38 – 41 cm
XL 41 – 46 cm


Weight 0,2 kg

S, M, L, XL

Suitable For

Unisex, Women, Men



80% Nylon, 20% Spandex


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Frequently asked questions

Can the E-life Bio-Contour knee brace with hinges support my knee during sports activities?

Yes, this knee brace offers flexible compression and improves proprioception, giving your knee extra support during exercise. The hinges do not restrict mobility or reduce muscle strength.

Does the knee brace also help reduce swelling and bruising?

Sure! The compression effect of the brace reduces edema and hematoma, which can aid the healing process.

Are the hinges of the knee brace useful to prevent valgus or varus deviations?

Yes, the collateral hinges of the knee brace prevent these deviations and ensure good control of lateral instability / spraining of the knee.

Can I adjust the compression of the knee brace to my needs?

No, the compression cannot be adjusted. The knee brace does have additional straps that allow you to adjust support individually for maximum comfort and support.

How does the E-life Bio-Contour knee brace ensure that my patella remains in the correct position?

The knee brace is equipped with a silicone pad that keeps the kneecap in place, ensuring that your kneecap is well stabilized during activities.