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The E-life LumbarFit Back Brace is a thin back brace that can easily be worn under clothing. The thin material is breathable and flexible. There are anatomically shaped ribs at the back, which support the lower back. The E-life LumbarFit is higher at the back, so that the entire lower back is supported. It is less high at the front, so that you can continue to wear the LumbarFit when you sit down. There are also 2 extra straps at the front, so that you can give your lower back extra compression in a circular manner as desired.


Looking to Buy E-life LumbarFit Back Brace?

The LumbarFit Back Brace from E-life is an elastic backbandage with an extremely thin profile. The material is very thin and breathable, providing exceptional ventilation. Additionally, the brace is virtually invisible under clothing. The E-life LumbarFit is higher at the back to support the spine and lower at the front, allowing the brace to be worn while sitting or cycling.

At the front, in addition to the micro-velcro closure, there are also 2 extra straps on either side, allowing you to apply extra compression to the lower back. This provides more compression to the lower back, lifting your vertebrae more and giving the nerves more space to move. This results in better freedom of movement and less pain!

At the back, there are anatomically preformed stays to support the lower back. These run over the entire lumbar spine (the curve in the lower back).

Indications for E-life LumbarFit Lightweight Back Brace

Features of E-life LumbarFit Back Brace

  • Stabilizing/supporting for the lower back
  • Front height: +/- 17 cm (lower to allow the brace to be worn while sitting/cycling)
  • Back height: +/- 28 cm (supports the entire lower back)
  • Supportive & anatomically shaped stays at the back
  • Compression around the lower back, for ‘lifting’ the lower back vertebrae (= less pain)
  • Velcro closure at the front
  • Extra straps on both sides at the front, for extra compression
  • Available in black

How to Measure the E-life LumbarFit Back Brace?

It is important to choose the correct size for the E-life LumbarFit Back Brace. Only with the correct size will your back be optimally supported, as the stays will fit perfectly. This also applies to the tension straps; if the size is incorrect, you will not be able to apply the desired tension to the back brace. You can easily determine the correct size using the size chart below. To do this, measure the circumference of your back (where you want to wear the brace).

Measure Lower Back for Back Brace

E Life Lumbarfit Back Brace Size Chart ProBrace

Tips for Using the E-life LumbarFit Back Brace!

  • You can easily put on the E-life LumbarFit Back Brace while standing. However, if you find this difficult, for example due to reduced hand function, lay the brace on a bed, lie down on it, and fasten the velcro closures while lying down.
  • Place the E-life logo at the top of the backbandage when putting it on, so you know you’re not putting the backbandage on upside down.
  • You can easily wash this product. For washing instructions, please refer to the information provided in the product description (included in the box).


Weight 0,442 kg
Dimensions 29 × 17 × 7 cm

S, M, L, XL, XXL


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