DJO Aircast Airheel Heel Spur Support



The Airheel can be worn to significantly reduce heel pain and heel spur complaints during the day. You literally walk on air!


Aircast Airheel Heel Spur Bandage – Pain relief and massage of the heel!

If you have a sore heel during the day and no surface is soft enough, the Aircast Heel Track Bandage gives you relief! Because you literally walk on air, walking will be easier and less painful. For more information about heel spur brace, take a look at our injury track about heel spur . Or read our blog about heel spurs .

Indications for wearing a heel spur bandage

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Inflammation Achilles tendon
  • Heel pain
  • Heel spur

Features and benefits of heel spur bandage

Two interconnected ‘air pockets’ are filled with air. These air pockets are located under the heel and on both sides of your Achilles tendon. With each step, the air moves from the heel cushion to the pelottes around the Achilles tendon and vice versa.

This dampens the pressure around your heel and this pulsating compression massages your Achilles tendon. This helps reduce any swelling and improves your blood circulation.

Simply measure the Aircast Airheel yourself

To determine the correct size you only need your shoe size. Please see the table below for the correct size. The Airheel is made of the thin and lightweight Breath-O-Prene material and is easy to put on with or without a sock. The Airheel can be worn both left and right.

Size chart

Measure Shoe size
S <39
M 39 – 42
L > 42




S, M, L



Support classification



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