DJO Aircast A60 Ankle Support



The Aircast A60 ankle brace is worn by tennis star Andy Murray! It is the perfect combination of support and protection of the ankle joint and the ideal solution for athletes with ankle problems!


Aircast A60 Ankle Brace – Support of the ankle at top level!

Ideal for athletes with ankle problems, the brace can be worn preventively and prevents ankle sprains!

The Aircast A60 ankle brace is very suitable for sports where many jump shapes occur. Hockey, tennis, squash and handball are sports in which the Aricast A60 is already frequently used. None other than tennis star Andy Murray uses this ankle brace. Our customers at ProBrace indicate that the wearing comfort and the ease of putting on are a great advantage of this ankle brace.

Indications for wearing the Aircast A60

  • Instability only (from light to heavy)
  • Haircut problems
  • Chronic Instability
  • Cartilage problems
  • Band injury problems (eg with ankle ligament lesions)
  • Heavy sprains / sprains / strains / bruises (distortion) of the ankle
  • Supination prevention, especially in conjunction with sports activity
  • Irritation of the ankle straps
  • Hypermobility
  • Swelling (excess fluid in the ankle joint)


Ondersteuning 3 Probrace Small

Features and benefits A60 ankle brace

  • Thanks to the Velcro closure, the brace is easy to put on (no lacing)
  • Very thin in profile (fits in almost all shoes)
  • Breathable Breath-O-Prene material ensures a high wearing comfort

Dimensions of the Aircast A60

To easily determine the correct size, you just need to know your shoe size. When you look at your shoe size in the table below, you can see to the right of the correct size brace. The brace is available in a left and right version!

Shoe size Brace size
35-38 S
39-42 M
43-47 L


  • If you are familiar with flat feet or lowering the ankles, it is better to use an ASO or Form fit ankle brace. The chance that the a60 presses against the ankle is considerable with this foot type.
  • Football players run the risk that the rib on the inside of the ankle is sensitive to pressure when playing the ball with the inside of the foot. They are also better off choosing the ASO or Form fit ankle brace.
  • Wear a high (sports) sock under the brace to prevent possible skin irritations
  • Close all Velcro straps neatly after use to extend the life of the brace



EU Shoe Size

35-38, 39-42, 43-47


Left, Right

Support classification



  1. Lepage-

    super produkt

  2. Gea-

    prettige en slanke brace. Gebruik hem tijdens het badmintonnen.

  3. Gast-

    Top brace! Bedankt voor het advies

  4. Toon-

    Ik heb al mijn hele leven slappe enkelbanden en heb al veel braces geprobeerd. Deze A60 brace past eindelijk comfortabel in mijn sportschoenen!

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