CARE Back Bandage



The back strap for postural support on the lower back! ✔ Thin profile ✔ Easy to wear under clothes ✔ With flexible ribs for stability ✔ Elastic and breathable material ✔ The best price quality ratio!


CARE Back strap for posture support!

A common phenomenon is ‘non -specific low back complaints ‘. Roughly speaking, medical specialists distinguish between specific and non-specific back complaints. Specific back complaints can be understood to mean, for example, a ‘ hernia ‘. There is a clear cause here and therefore has the name specific. When we talk about a-specific back problems, people generally talk more about ‘low back instability’ or ‘a stiff back’. There is no clear cause here. This back support belt for posture support can be worn during the day, even during work, to support the lower back. Ideal for mild back problems!

Indications CARE Back strap for posture support

  • Degeneration (muscle disorders) or muscle failure of the spine
  • Conservative treatment after an accident / accident / trauma
  • Specific Low back complaints
  • Spondylosis / Spondylodesis
  • Non-specific low back pain
  • Lumbalgie
  • Post-operative low back policy (for example, after a hernia or stenosis)
  • Intervertebral disc prolapse (hernia)
  • Sciatica (operated or not operated)
  • Low and / or middle back pain
  • Spondylolistesis

Support class_3_probrace

Features and benefits CARE Rug Band

  • Back strap lined with ribs
  • Easy to put on
  • Support by flexible ribs & compression
  • Including micro Velcro closure (the best Velcro!)
  • Stability & comfort
  • Can be worn discreetly under clothing

How to measure the CARE Back strap

Take the circumference of your (lower) back, where you want to wear the back strap. Read in the table below which size you should have. When in doubt, take the smaller of the two.

measure lower back


Measure Outline Back
S 70 – 80 cm
M 80 – 90 cm
L 90-100 cm
XL 100 – 110 cm
XXL 110-120 cm


  • You can easily put the CARE back strap on while standing. However, do you have trouble with this? Then put the Back strap on the bed, lie on the back strap and then close the Velcro fastener. This way the Back Strap is a lot easier to put on!
  • It is best to wash the CARE Backband by hand, but you can also machine wash it (maximum 30 degrees). Which hereby the Backband in a laundry bag or pillowcase.
  • Wear the Backband for optimal comfort over a shirt / shirt. This also inhibits the wear of the material.




S, M, L, XL, XXL

Support classification



  1. Ina v Heun-

    De brace is van zeer prettig materiaal gemaakt, maar wel eerder wat aan de zachte/slappe kant. Dat moet je maar net willen. Ik heb de goede taille omvang gemeten en ook de goede besteld.
    Met vriendelijke groet.

  2. Pj-

    Fijne band

  3. Hendrik-

    Vaak last van mijn rug, voornamelijk bij het autorijden. Deze besteld op aanraden van de heren van ProBrace… draag hem nu regelmatig bij de langere ritjes en bevalt mij zeer goed, Hendrik

  4. J.-

    Erg elastisch materiaal dat is erg fijn. Ik heb een maat L genomen, die zit echt fijn. ook onder mijn broek

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