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Do you suffer from ankle-related injuries during sports and exercise? Bodyvine’s adjustable lightweight ankle support provides the perfect support you need! Made from Silprene™ material for a good fit and compression, this ankle support helps your stability< /strong> and prevent injuries. The design of the bandage actively locks your midfoot and rear foot for extra stability and prevents ankle sprains and strains. The ankle bandage has anti-slip silicone and the ability to be worn under clothing. The bandage can even be worn in the water – ideal for daily activities and sports. Protects and supports your ankle so you can focus on your performance!


Bodyvine Lightweight and Adjustable Ankle Brace for Sports

The Bodyvine ankle brace provides maximum support and stability during sports activities. The adjustable brace fits perfectly and offers optimal compression. Made of strong and elastic Silprene-F™ material, the brace ensures durability and flexibility. By using the lightweight ankle brace, you can prevent ankle sprains and injuries. The ankle brace is comfortable to wear in snug-fitting (sports) shoes and even in the water during water activities. It features a stylish, sporty, and functional design suitable for any situation.

Specifications and Benefits of Ankle Sports Brace

  • Made of Silprene-F™ material for strong and elastic support
  • Extra stabilizing straps for a snug fit with compression
  • Therapeutic design for midfoot and hindfoot locking
  • Anti-slip silicone keeps the brace in place
  • Provides additional warmth and stability for ankle injuries
  • Allows free ankle movement for sports and daily activities
  • Thin material that can be comfortably worn in snug-fitting shoes
  • Open heel, suitable for mat sports such as judo or kickboxing
  • The ankle brace can also be worn in water
  • Available in sizes S, M, L for a good fit
  • Material: Fabric: 53% nylon, 9% spandex, 38% polyester, Gel: 100% silicone

Support 2 Probrace

Instructions for Wearing the Ankle Brace
1. Loosen the straps
2. Put on the ankle brace like a sock (over your sock)
3. Take the outer strap and pull it diagonally across the forefoot and fasten it around the ankle
4. Take the inner strap and fasten it in the same way (this strap goes over the 1st strap)

Bodyvine Ankle Brace Fitting Instructions

Size Chart for Ankle Brace

Size Chart Bodyvine Adjustable Compression Ankle Brace
The adjustable ankle brace is available in sizes S, M, L and can be worn on both the right and left. Determine your size by measuring the circumference of your forefoot. Then, you can find your size in the table below.

Size Forefoot Circumference
S 17 – 21 cm
M 21 – 25 cm
L 25 – 29 cm

Washing Instructions for Bodyvine Ankle Sports Brace

Hand wash with mild soap in cold or warm (not hot) water. Rinse thoroughly and air dry in a cool place. DO NOT: machine dry, steam, use bleach or fabric softener.

Using the product in chlorinated water may cause discoloration and reduced elasticity. However, the product remains suitable for use, but is not covered under the warranty.



S, M, L


80% Nylon, 20% Spandex

Suitable For

Unisex, Women, Men


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Frequently asked questions

Is the Bodyvine adjustable ankle bandage made of durable material?

Yes, the ankle support is made from Bodyvine’s patented Silprene™ material, a strong and elastic ultra-thin material with an embedded polymer that lasts.

Does this ankle bandage provide sufficient compression and support?

Certainly! The adjustable design provides a snug fit with encouraging compression and support around the ankle area.

Can I wear the Bodyvine ankle bandage during sports activities?

Absolutely, the ankle support is designed for sports and daily activities. It actively locks down your midfoot and rearfoot for extra stability and can also be worn in the water.

Does the ankle bandage provide extra warmth around the ankle joint?

Yes, the ankle support provides extra warmth around the ankle joint, which can help prevent injuries and promote recovery.

In what sizes is the Bodyvine ankle bandage available?

The ankle bandage is available in sizes S, M and L. Make sure you choose the right size for optimal fit and support.