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The Bioskin Q-Brace knee brace is extremely suitable for stabilizing an unstable kneecap. Thanks to the ‘T’-strap it is possible to individually apply the best tracking for your kneecap.


Bioskin Q-Brace Knee Brace – Proven effective for complaints of the kneecap (patella)!

Bio Skin’s® Q Brace™ unique design allows multi-directional traction of the patella. The “T” strap prevents dislocation and can be secured in various positions to control the direction of traction on the patella. The strap design provides increased traction when the knee is used within the range of motion. Like Bio Skin’s® other knee products, the Q-Brace™ is constructed from Bio Skin’s® patented, thin, breathable materials, making it comfortable to wear even in hot climates.

Indications for wearing the Q-Brace

  • Anterior knee pain
  • Patellofemoral pain complaint
  • Lateral (sub)luxation kneecap
  • Medial (sub) luxation kneecap
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Features and benefits Patella Q-Brace Knee Brace

  • ‘T’ strap can be placed in different angles so that the traction can be adjusted individually
  • Dynamic pressure on the kneecap increases when the knee bends
  • Reduced chance of slipping thanks to extra tires
  • Can be used both left and right
  • 100% neoprene free
  • 100% latex free

How to measure the Q-Brace?

Note: The Q-Brace always seems too small when new! The material needs 1 to 2 weeks of wearing time to get the right size.

Take your circumference measurements in two places as indicated in the picture above and select the correct size in the menu on the right, if in doubt choose the largest between two sizes! The Q-brace can be worn on the left or right.

– Circumference of the thigh 18 cm above the center of the kneecap
– Circumference of the knee over the center of the kneecap

Measure Size Mid-Patella Circumference 18cm above knee
XS 31 – 33 cm 41 – 46 cm
s 33 – 36 cm 46 – 51 cm
m 36 – 41 cm 51 – 56 cm
l 41 – 43 cm 56 – 64 cm
XL 43 – 46 cm 64 – 71 cm
XXL 46 – 54 cm 71 – 81 cm


  • The Q-brace is very small. When in doubt, it is better to order this 1 size larger!
  • This brace can also be worn in the water!
  • Always close the Velcro straps after removing the brace to preserve the material!

Product video Bioskin Q-Brace Open Patella Knee Brace







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  1. Julia Remmerswaal-

    Snelle levering, goede producten!

  2. Janske-

    Goede kniebrace!

  3. Jessika-

    brace valt wat aan de kleine kant. Een maatje groter moeten bestellen maar goed geadviseerd door de aardige mevrouw aan de telefoon. Bedankt.

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