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ViscoSpot® functions as a shock absorber for your heels and ankles. The elastic material absorbs impact loads and combats pain. This way you can continue to walk comfortably.


Pain under the foot? Viscospot gives you cushioning!

Do you suffer from pain under the heel? Then ViscoSpot   really something for you! This flexible heel cushion fits any shoe and reduces acute pain under the heel. The specially shaped blue core has a cushioning effect and increases comfort when walking.

What is heel spur (plantar fasciitis)?

An inflammation of the tendon blade of the heel. This usually arises due to an overload of the tendon plate and can therefore become inflamed (Plantar fasciitis).

Usually this inflammation is accompanied by a strong persistent pain under the heel. With prolonged inflammation, calcification can occur at the level of this attachment, which can cause chronic and very painful heel complaints (heel spur). People with heel spurs often have the most complaints in the morning, because the tendon plate is then stretched.

Development of pain under the heel (heel spur)

  • Footwear in combination with sagging foot
  • Standing profession
  • Being overweight
  • Overload due to (running) sports, for example

Viscospot acts as a shock absorber for the ankle

Each step affects not only the ankles, but also the legs, knees, hip and spine. For example, incipient heel pain can spread further in certain circumstances if left untreated. ViscoSpot ® functions as a shock absorber for your ankles. The elastic material absorbs impact loads and combats pain. This way you can also continue to walk comfortably.

The Viscospot is soft and stable

ViscoSpot ® are durable heel cushions. The softest material (the white “spot”) embedded in the most sensitive area of the so-called heel spur ensures targeted pressure relief. In addition, a special shaped zone (blue spot) with a degree of damping between the white and gray material allows the adhesion of the tendon blade to the foot is relieved.In the particularly pain-sensitive zone, a very soft core is applied to relieve this area the most.Also after long wear and a higher load, the ViscoSpot remains faithful to its shape and function. knee, hip and pelvic joints are permanently protected.

Your viscospot size

Size Shoe size
Size 1 32 – 40
Size 2 41 – 47

The visco spots are always sold in pairs. You can choose from three variants.
– The soft spot left and right
– The soft spot left and right a neutral silicone heel without a soft spot
– The soft spot on the right and left a neutral silicone heel without a soft spot





1, 2


Left, Left & Right, Right

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  1. Ton-

    Verzachten de pijn van de hielspoor direct. Gaat niet weg, maar is draaglijk, waardoor je verder en sneller loopt!

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