Bauerfeind Malleotrain S Open Heel Ankle Support



The Malleotrain S Open Heel variant is an ankle brace good to use in sports where more grip is required from the heel. Think of sports such as Judo and gymnastics.


MalleoTrain S Open Heel – Best ankle brace in sports!

The MalleoTrain S Open Heel Ankle Brace has been developed to support the ankle for people who are looking for extra grip at the heel. The brace contains an opening there, which is ideal for floor sports such as gymnastics and judo. The compression improves circulation and prevents accumulation of fluid (edema). The ‘8-figure’ strap provides stabilization and protection of the ankle joint.

Indications malleotrain S open ankle bandage

  • Minor distortions (sprain)
  • Supination prevention (turn down)
  • Anklet insufficiency (torn ankle bands)
  • Postoverative rehabilitation
  • Inverse trauma / sprain

Support class_2_probrace

Features and benefits of the Malleotrain S open heel

  • Individually adjustable strap
  • Proprioceptic action
  • Support without restrictions
  • Breathable knitting
  • Fits in every sports shoe!

The MalleoTrain S Open Heel is available in the Titan and Beige colorways.

How to measure

In order to guarantee the functioning of this ankle brace, it is important that the size is correct. You can easily fit the Malleotrain S open yourself. You do this by measuring your ankle size and comparing it in the table below.

Ankle size Measure
17 – 19 cm 1
19 – 21 cm 2
21 – 23 cm 3
23 – 25 cm 4
25 – 27 cm 5
27 – 29 cm 6

NB: The MalleoTrain S open heel is available in both a left and a right version.


Weight 0,75 kg



1, 2, 3, 4, 5


Left, Right

Support classification



  1. Larissa Kuijper-

    Door mn enkel gegaan bij het turnen. Deze brace op aanraden van mijn fysiotherapeut besteld en werkt heel goed! Bedankt voor de goede service

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