Bauerfeind Loin Padding Accessory for the LumboLoc Forte



This Bauerfeind Lendenpelotte is an accessory that can be purchased for the Lumboloc Forte Back Brace. This accessory provides extra support to the lumbar vertebrae (the low dorsal vertebrae).


Want to buy Bauerfeind Lumbar pad for the Lumboloc Forte Back Brace?

This product is an accessory for the Bauerfeind Lumboloc Forte Back Brace .

This product is available as additional support for the lumbar vertebrae. You place this lumbar pad on the inside of the Lumboloc Forte Back Brace with a Velcro.

Indications for this Lumbar Patch

  • Low back pain

Support class 3

Features and benefits Lumbar pad

  • Provides extra support for low back problems. 

Determine your size

This accessory is a One Size product.




One size

Support classification



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