Bauerfeind GenuPoint Patella Support

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This knee bandage reduces the pain associated with kneecap pain, knee tendonitis and a jumper knee. A proven solution!


Bauerfeind Genupoint Patella Brace – Compact and comfortable!

The Bauerfeind Genupoint Patelabrace is an extremely simple and comfortable solution for various knee complaints. The knee brace provides the necessary rest to the patellar tendon and supports it in its function. The comfortable breathable material ensures pleasant use.

Patella strap indications

  • Overload complaints of the patellar tendon
  • Jumpers Knee
  • Patellofemoral pain complaints
  • Patella maltracking

Support class 1

Features and benefits of the kneecap strap

  • Easy in use
  • Does not sag thanks to silicone
  • Does not pinch thanks to elastic material properties
  • Also available in child size!

Determine your size

The brace is available in 3 sizes and can be used both left and right . When in doubt between two sizes, choose the largest size.

Measure knee size
1 28-30 cm
2 30-35 cm
3 35-44 cm




1, 2, 3



Support classification


1 review for Bauerfeind GenuPoint Patella Support

  1. Sanne-

    Kniebandje zit goed. Ik had verwacht dat deze in de knieholte niet fijn zou zitten, maar integendeel. Voelt juist heel stabiel! Super! Bedankt voor het advies 🙂

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