Bauerfeind EpiPoint Elbow Support



Bauerfeind EpiPoint, the orthosis for targeted compression around the elbow joint. This will relieve the pain and promote healing. One size fits all!


Bauerfeind EpiPoint – Pain relief at a tennis elbow!

The Bauerfeind EpiPoint Stabilizing Orthosis helps with tendon pain, such as tennis or golfer’s elbow (Epicondylitis humeri) and similar muscle and tendon attachment irritations or inflammation. An elastic pressure pad (pad) is integrated in the orthosis, which ensures very precise relief of the tendon attachment.

The orthosis   is a One Size product and is attached with a Velcro around the arm. The elastic stretch band allows for infinitely adjustable compression strength. A red area appears on the band if the bracelet is too tight and the pressure is set too high. At the bottom of the arm, the pad with three stud zones exerts a targeted compression on the affected muscle area. In this way, the tendon attachments are spared, the metabolism is activated and the pain in the arm is relieved. Irritations and inflammations heal faster this way.

Both right and left effective
The rotatable pad makes it possible to carry it on the left and right forearm. A small viewing window indicates for which side the pad is set. The form-fitting orthosis, with the inside of terry cloth, can be worn under sweaters or shirts without any problem.

Indications tennis elbow brace

  • Tennis elbow (Epicondylitis Lateralis)
  • Golfers elbow (Epicondylitis Medialis)
Support class 2

Features and benefits of the epipoint elbow brace

  • Easy to do with one hand
  • Adjustable pad for left and right
  • One size fits all!

How to measure

The EpiPoint elbow orthosis is available in two different colors (titanium and black) and one size, so it always fits. The EpiPoint can be worn left or right!





Support classification





  1. henk b-

    Ik loop al 6 weken bij de fysiotherapeut met klachten aan mijn elleboog (een tenniselleboog?????) en toen heeft de fysiotherapeute mij naar jullie verwezen. gisteren besteld en vandaag al in huis. super service dank jullie wel.

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