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The Basko Vission Single Finger Splint is intended to fix one finger in a relaxed / stretched position. Ideal against contractures, osteoarthritis, dupuytren and / or trigger finger. Nowhere cheaper!


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The Basko Vission Single Finger Splint is a proven conservative method for the treatment of osteoarthritis, dupuytren and / or a trigger finger. This hand splint comes standard in a preformed (slightly curved) rest position. The deformable rib can be bent to a desired position.

As a treatment, we recommend wearing this hand splint during the night anyway. You can also wear this hand splint during the day. The return of the contracted position of the finger (s) during the day can thus be prevented. Not sure? Consult your doctor or contact our customer service .

Indications Basko Single Finger Splint

  • Arthrosis
  • Dupuytren
  • Triggerfinger
  • Flexion contracture in the fingers
  • Pre- and postoperative with Dupuytren treatment
  • When stretching / holding the finger (s) out is desirable

Class 2

Features and Benefits Single Finger Splint

  • Forces the finger (s) into extension (straightening) position
  • Comfortable fit
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Ventilating effect
  • Can be worn both left and right!
  • Very easy to put on and take off

How do you measure the Vission Single Finger Splint Hand Splint?

For correct fitting of this universal hand splint, take the size of your wrist (see picture). Then you can read in the size chart below which size is most suitable for you. If you are in doubt between two sizes, we advise you to choose the largest size.

Measure wrist circumference probrace

Measure Wrist size
S. <16 cm
M. 16 – 19 cm
L. > 19 cm


  • Wear this Dupuytren splint especially at night. When desirable and possible, you can also wear this splint during the day. If necessary, discuss this with your doctor or contact us for tailor-made advice!
  • Close the Velcro straps after use to keep the hand splint nice!
  • In addition to wearing this hand splint, we also recommend multiple treatments with the physiotherapist!




S, M, L



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