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The Basko CMC Thumb Brace is specially made for pain complaints at the saddle joint / CMC-1 joint. Thanks to the aluminum rib, the thumb brace can be made suitable for everyone and gives optimal support in a functional position.


Order Basko CMC Thumb Brace?

The Basko CMC Thumb Brace is a variation of the well-known Push CMC Thumb Brace but with a number of new options. First of all, this thumb brace is available in a neutral shade of gray. In addition, the Velcro closure is easy to replace yourself, so that the product does not (yet) have to be replaced once the Velcro has worn out (a very big advantage!).

This thumb brace has been specially developed for stabilizing the thumb saddle joint (CarpoMetaCarpale joint) in a comfortable and functional position. Because this thumb brace only supports the CMC joint, the wrist remains free in all directions of movement and it is also still possible to perform a tweezer grip.

Indications Basko CMC thumb brace

  • CMC osteoarthritis
  • MCP osteoarthritis
  • Hand and thumb osteoarthritis
  • Rheuma of the thumb saddle joint
  • Bandage injury around the CMC joint
  • Instability of the thumb saddle joint
  • Thumb pain
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Features and benefits Basko CMC Thumb Braces

  • Antibacterial
  • Water resistant!
  • Easy in use
  • Velcro straps can be replaced
  • No restriction on the wrist

How to measure the Basko CMC Thumb Brace?

The Basko CMC Thumb Brace is not only easy to use, but also very easy to measure. For the correct size, measure the size of the palm, under the knuckles of your fingers (see image above). You can then find the correct size in the table below. When in doubt between two sizes, we advise you to choose the smallest size.
Measure Hand circumference ( in cm)
1 16.0 – 19.5 cm
2 19.5 – 22.5 cm
3 22.5 – 26.0 cm

NB: The Basko CMC thumb brace is available for the left or right hand!


  • The Basko CMC Thumb Brace does not include all carpal bones (in this case the Os Scaphoid ). This was deliberately chosen, otherwise the edge of the thumb brace will cut into your skin when you bend your wrist. This does not affect the functionality of the thumb brace.
  • You can also wear the Basko CMC Thumb Brace during the household or while swimming, as this thumb brace can get wet!
  • The straps on this thumb brace can be replaced, so it is a very durable product!




S, M, L


Left, Right

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  1. Frank-

    Prima en vele malen beter dan de brace van het merk Orliman die bij herhaling zwakke punten had

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