Reh4Mat Universal Umbilical Hernia Belt



The Reh4Mat Umbilical hernia band gives pressure on the weak connective tissue around the abdominal or umbilical hernia through a silicone pad. This reduces discomfort such as pain, a visible bulge and it also ensures a faster recovery!


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With an umbilical hernia or abdominal fracture, a bulge is caused by a tear in the connective tissue, in a weak spot in the abdominal region. This is called a “Hernia Umbilicalis”, or in English; “Umbilical Hernia”. This is different from a hernia in the back. So you should not confuse this with each other. “Hernia” is simply the Latin word for “fracture”.

An umbilical hernia has created an opening in the peritoneum, around the navel. Everyday activities can tear this opening further. Think of the most simple activities, such as getting up from the bed / chair, going to the toilet, but also laughing, sneezing, etc. Basically any activity that puts pressure on the abdominal muscles. There are quite a few!

An umbilical hernia helps to support the abdominal wall, so that the abdominal wall can recover more quickly. In addition, the umbilical hernia ensures that the bulge that often occurs is no longer visible. You can easily wear this product under your clothing, so it is not visible. The silicone pad in the band is attached by means of Velcro and may / can always be removed. See also the images.

Indications Reh4Mat Umbilical hernia band

  • An umbilical hernia (Hernia Umbilicalis)
  • Abdominal fracture around the navel
  • Support of the abdominal wall

Support class 3

Properties and advantages Reh4Mat Umbilical hernia belt

  • Firm abdominal panel, to support the abdominal wall
  • Removable silicone pad with terry cloth cover (attached with velcro)
  • Easy to wear under clothing
  • Barely visible under clothing
  • Easy to wash
  • Height front (panel): 14 cm
  • Height at the back (strap): 7 cm

How do you measure the Reh4Mat umbilical hernia belt? 

This product is a One Size product and suitable for a waist circumference of 60 – 145 cm.
maatvoering rugbrace 01

Measure Circumference of the waist (in cm)
One Size 60 – 145 cm


  • Place the umbilical hernia tape on your bed, lie on the umbilical hernia tape and then close it with the Velcro fastener. By putting the umbilical hernia on while lying down, you have less tension on the umbilical hernia and you can close the umbilical hernia more easily!
  • Wash the umbilical hernia band by hand and then let it air dry! Please do not use a heat source such as a heater or dryer. You can let it air dry.
  • Close the Velcro when you take off the umbilical hernia to preserve the material!


Weight N/A


One size

Support classification



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