Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support



Best overload protection: The Sports Knee Support provides compression, support and stability to the knee joint during extended exercise.


Bauerfeind Sport Knee Support – Support and stability during sports!

The Sports Knee Support from Bauerfeind is a new and revolutionary knee bandage that is worn during sports activities. This knee bandage encloses the joint by means of a high-elastic knitting, which ensures optimal compression. In addition, the bandage has a silicone pad, which provides stabilization of the kneecap and an anatomical fit with contact zones that ensure a safe feeling and yet maximum freedom of movement.

Indications Bauerfeind knee brace during exercise

  • Knee complaints (during sports)
  • Patellafemoral pain complaint
  • Mild instability
  • Early osteoarthritis
  • Edema
  • Knee overload

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Benefits and features Bauerfeind sports knee brace

  • Safe support of the knee joint
  • Compression around the knee joint
  • Stabilizing silicone pad
  • Highly elastic breathable knit
  • Relief of the kneecap and pain relief at the meniscus
  • Anatomic fit with contact zones for comfort and safety
  • Integrated pull-on loops

How to measure

The dimensions are very important to make optimal use of the Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support. To choose the right size you need to measure two sizes. You need:

1. Calf circumference 12 cm below the joint slit of the knee
2. Thigh circumference 14 cm above the joint slit of the knee

Measure Calf size Thigh circumference
XS 28 – 31 cm 38 – 41 cm
S 31 – 34 cm 41 – 44 cm
M 34 – 37 cm 44 – 47 cm
L 37 – 40 cm 47 – 50 cm
XL 40 – 43 cm 50 – 53 cm
XXL 43 – 46 cm 53 – 56 cm

You can then choose the correct size in the table above. The Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support can be worn both left and right.


  • If you are exactly in between two sizes, it is best to order the smaller of the two
  • You can wash this bandage by hand or on a gentle wash program (do not spin, but let it air dry)



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XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL



Support classification




    Top product, prima pasvorm, compressie oké.
    Goede kwaliteit. En erg veel keuze.

  2. Steef-


  3. Jonas-

    Fijne kniebrace tijdens het hardlopen! Laatst de zevenheuvelen loop gelopen zonder pijn met deze kniebrace!

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