Bauerfeind SecuTec Genu Quick-fit Fastener Set



Please note, this is an accessory! This concerns an extra set of quick-release fasteners / fastening clips, if the standard supplied clips are broken or lost.


Need extra quick-release fasteners for Bauerfeind SecuTec?

Would you like a set of extra quick-release fasteners for the Secutec Genu? Are your current quick-release fasteners lost or defective? When you order this product you will receive a set of 4 quick-release fasteners.

Note: these are only the quick-release fasteners that attach the straps to the frame! The rest of the knee brace is not included! Would you like to order the entire knee brace? You can find it here .

Indications for the extra clips for the SecuTec Genu Knee Brace

  • When the current clips of your Secutec are broken / missing
  • If you wish to have an extra set of clips for your Secutec Genu Knee Brace

Features and benefits of the extra clips for the SecuTec Genu

  • Accessory for the Bauerfeind Secutec Genu Knee Brace
  • You don’t have to buy a whole new knee brace
  • Easy to replace

Determining the size of your quick-release fasteners for the Secutec Genu

This accessory comes standard in a set of 4 pieces and is universal for all sizes and tires. The clips are numbered, but this should be ignored. The clips are all the same in size.

Note: This only concerns the clips without the full knee brace and/or padding!






Set of 4 pieces


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