Bauerfeind ErgoPad Redux Heel 2 Heel Spur Insoles



Do you suffer from severe or persistent pain in your heel or a heel spur? Then the Ergopad redux heel 2 is really something for you! This flexible insole fits in any shoe and reduces acute heel pain.


ErgoPad Redux Heel 2 – The arch support for heel pain and heel spur!

Unlike traditional orthopedic insoles, the ‘ErgoPad Redux Heel 2’ is covered with soft polyurethane foam. This makes these soles particularly flexible, thin and soft. The good cushioning properties of the PU soft foam in combination with the special plastic core alleviate the painful heel area with every step. A drop-shaped recess in the core at the height of the heel dampens the shocks while walking. The fan shape on the one side of this recess relieves the inflamed connective tissue and tendon structure, which is the cause of the heel pain.

Indications Redux Heel 2 Heel track sole


  • Actively reduces pressure on the painful heel
    The layered orthopedic core reduces pressure on the inflamed heel area.
  • Soft foam cushion
    The soft PU foam absorbs the impact on the heel when walking.
  • Good footbed
    ErgoPad redux heel 2 compensates for standing and foot abnormalities such as a flat foot, hollow foot or inwardly sloping foot (kink foot), the causes that can cause heel pain and heel spurs.
  • Improves your posture
    The cup-shaped arch support corrects the foot position and stimulates the tendon blade and muscles.

Note: ready-to-wear insoles are always sold in pairs! Is your size not listed? Contact us and we will order it separately for you.





Men, Women


35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48


  1. Bodnar A.-

    Zeer tevreden. Had er wel schoenen met K-wijdte voor nodig. Al veel minder pijn aan hiel. Goed product.

  2. Henk Visser-

    Deze zolen lopen goed. Bedankt.

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