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What can I do with an iWalk Handsfree Knee Stool?

An injury to the lower leg is annoying enough, but also your hands full with crutches? That can be different! With the iWalk 3.0 you have your hands free, while your lower leg is well supported.

With the iWalk 3.0 you will experience more ease and comfort while you can keep moving during the recovery of your lower leg injury. For example, you can take a cup of coffee or tea from the kitchen with you, climb the stairs, go shopping or go for a walk with the dog.

The iWalk 3.0 is suitable for people who have an injury or injury to the lower leg. You can think of an Achilles tendon tear, an ankle or foot fracture or surgery on the lower leg. Actually all injuries/injuries with which you (temporarily) cannot or cannot put weight on the lower leg. However, it must be possible to bend the knee of the relevant lower leg in 90 degrees and to be able to support it (see also the videos). The other leg must of course be fully functional and can be used and loaded. Furthermore, prior to the injury, you should have good balance and have no problem going up and down stairs without using a banister.

You can use the iWalk 3.0 with a length of 147-198 cm and a maximum weight of 125 kg. Just make sure you take the time to get used to walking with the iWalk ; practice makes perfect! Basically the iWalk is suitable for everyone, so instead of age limits we found that power limits work much better. As long as you keep your expectations reasonable and follow our skill guidelines, age alone is not a determining factor for using the iWalk .

The iWalk will be sent to you by post after ordering and you can assemble it yourself, without the need for tools. Watch this video for this:

To adjust the iWalk 3.0 to your body, watch the following video.

Then it is good to look at the tips and tricks, so that you can use your iWalk 3.0 everywhere with full confidence! Watch this video for this:

If, after reading this information and watching the videos, you still have questions about the iWalk and its use? Please feel free to contact our customer service. We are ready for you! We wish you a lot of walking pleasure!

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Super brace!

Less pain complaints.

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I have had to get used to it, but it has the support that is so necessary. I will have to see a rheumatologist to determine whether this is the right treatment. For now I have the brave less pain complaints.

Fast delivery and good explanation online.

10 / 10

Fast delivery and good explanation online.

Fast delivery and quick contact after email...

8 / 10

Fast delivery and quick contact after email and received good advice Point for improvement, a pity that they could not sell any parts separately

A wide range from which I could choose an...

10 / 10

A wide range from which I could choose an ankle support. I was still unfamiliar and very clumsy with something like this but thanks to quick and friendly help from the probrace online store, I am now on my feet.

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