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Medi E⁺motion® sport braces

ProBrace recently introduced the new line of E⁺motion® sport braces from Medi! This new line features a range of premium sport braces for five body parts developed with over 70 years of compression experience and innovative technology, all developed and manufactured in Germany. Thanks to the ergonomic sports knit and Dry Skin technology, these bandages provide enhanced stability, strength, and massage. The combination of high-quality materials and a perfect fit offers effective support during any movement. The synergy between a contemporary, sporty look and the medical benefits makes these braces particularly suitable for active individuals seeking more stability, comfort, and performance.

Medi E⁺motion® high-quality sport braces for ankle, knee, wrist, elbow, and back

Medi E⁺motion® sport braces are the perfect sport braces for sports and daily physical activities! The sport braces come in dark shades, making them inconspicuous under clothing and suitable for both men and women and available in various sizes. The Medi E⁺motion® sport braces are available as:

Knee brace Wrist brace Ankle brace Elbow brace Back brace

Medi E⁺motion® Sport braces Ankle, Wrist, Back, Elbow, Knee

Medi Performance Material Sport bracesMedi Sport braces PERFORMANCE MATERIAL with Dry Skin Technology and Merino Wool
The sport braces from Medi are made with Merino Wool, a natural product. Merino Wool is odor-resistant and also regulates temperature. The PERFORMANCE MATERIAL thus ensures effective moisture wicking. Because the braces are also finished on the inside, there is no pilling effect, even after repeated washing. The Merino wool used by Medi is an animal-friendly product, as it is mulesing-free, making shearing a stress-free and painless process for the sheep.

PERFORMANCE FIT sport bandages with perfect fit
Thanks to the combination of Merino Wool and Dry Skin technology, these sport bandages offer a high level of wearing comfort. The comfortable fit with XL movement zone ensures freedom of movement, and the anti-slip system ensures that the brace stays in place with every movement.


PERFORMANCE COMPRESSION for compression and stability

The Medi E⁺motion® sport bandages are designed to support and reduce any swelling or fluid buildup. They also improve proprioception (balance) for better stabilization of the affected joint. Thanks to the profile cushions, the brace is suitable for soft tissue compression. The 3D silicone-quartz pads in the brace provide massage and reduce swelling. The brace has a convenient detachable strap with pressure scale for adjusting compression. The highly elastic material has high resilience and a very compact net structure, being 25% tighter and 10% thinner than other comparable knits.


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Super brace!

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I have had to get used to it, but it has the support that is so necessary. I will have to see a rheumatologist to determine whether this is the right treatment. For now I have the brave less pain complaints.

Fast delivery and good explanation online.

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Fast delivery and good explanation online.

Fast delivery and quick contact after email...

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Fast delivery and quick contact after email and received good advice Point for improvement, a pity that they could not sell any parts separately

A wide range from which I could choose an...

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A wide range from which I could choose an ankle support. I was still unfamiliar and very clumsy with something like this but thanks to quick and friendly help from the probrace online store, I am now on my feet.

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