Medical Benefits of an iWalk


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Medical Benefits of an iWalk

What is an iWalk 3.0 hands-free knee crutch?

The iWalk 3.0 HandsFree crutch is also known as a hands-free walking crutch, knee crutch, or Hands-Free Crutch (HFC), where a support is attached under the knee on which the lower leg comfortably rests (at a 90° angle). This creates a fully hands-free design that enables people to perform many of their daily tasks without assistance from others. The iWalk is suitable for anyone who is physically capable of walking up and down stairs without using a handrail.

Features and benefits of the iWalk include:

  • Comfortable and painless: The device is designed to minimize upper body fatigue caused by regular crutches and prevent pain or friction under the arms.
  • Prevention of muscle loss and function as the major muscle groups of the leg remain functional
  • Suitable for prolonged use: The iWalk is made of high-quality materials, making it suitable for people recovering from long-term injuries or surgeries.
  • Easy to learn: Although it requires a different way of walking, there are helpful instructional videos available to use during the one or two days it takes to become familiar with safe walking on the iWalk.
  • Adjustable: The iWalk crutch can be adjusted to the user’s height and can be used on both left and right sides.
  • Safe: The iWalk features a sturdy and robust construction, with functional straps for added safety and stability.

What are the medical benefits of rehabilitation with a Hands-Free Crutch iWalk compared to crutches?

It is known that, compared to crutches or knee scooters, the Hands-Free Crutch (HFC) enables patients to perform their daily activities more easily. Less known are the significant medical benefits, which are supported by published research[1]. The key medical benefits of an HFC include:

  • Increased muscle activity
  • Reduced muscle atrophy
  • Increased blood flow / circulation and consequently better cell recovery
  • Reduced risk of thrombosis
  • Increased oxygen concentration and delivery
  • Reduced fatigue

Perform Daily Activities With an iWalk

Performing daily activities becomes possible again
The iWalk knee crutch provides a practical solution for people with weight-bearing restrictions on the lower leg. Unlike crutches and knee scooters, the knee crutch is easy to use and enables routine tasks such as walking, cooking, and stair climbing again. Research has shown that subjects preferred the knee crutch over crutches and knee scooters due to ease of use and safety[2]. The iWalk knee crutch is not only safe and stable but also offers ease of use and comfort.

No secondary injuries and more stability
Unlike crutches, the iWalk knee crutch does not cause secondary injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome or crutch paralysis. This revolutionary mobility solution utilizes the patient’s leg to provide stability, significantly reducing the risk of falls and fall-related injuries.

Increased muscle activity
Multiple studies published in Foot and Ankle Orthopedics have compared muscle activity in the affected leg when using crutches versus using the iWalk[3][4][5]. The conclusion is that using crutches minimally engages the muscles of the non-weight-bearing limb. With the iWalk, both upper and lower muscles are engaged, similar to walking without assistance. The reason for the increased muscle activity is that the iWalk hands-free crutch is the only walking device that can simulate the normal walking pattern and generate muscle activity closest to normal walking.

Reduced muscle atrophy
Using the iWalk instead of crutches reduces muscle atrophy. Studies show that traditional crutches cause muscle atrophy and strength loss[1][3][6][7]. The iWalk helps minimize atrophy and strength loss. There is also evidence that the iWalk stimulates muscle activity and blood flow, resulting in reduced atrophy[3][6][7].

Previous research has shown that knee flexion angle significantly affects muscle atrophy, with a shortened muscle being more susceptible to atrophy[8][9][10]. The iWalk fixes the knee angle at 90°, while the angle with crutches is approximately 30°. This means that the muscles are in an extended position when using the iWalk compared to crutches. This can reduce muscle atrophy and limit strength loss.

Additionally, it has been demonstrated that the iWalk leads to increased muscle activity, blood flow, and oxygen saturation in the muscles compared to both crutches and knee scooters for the non-weight-bearing limb[6][7]. This is crucial in preventing deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. The use of the knee crutch can reduce the negative effects of knee flexion over a longer period due to muscle activation in the suspended limb. Furthermore, the knee crutch has been shown to increase muscle pump activity more than knee scooters and crutches, directly affecting local blood flow and vessel dimensions, even more than knee flexion angle[3].

Increased oxygen concentration and delivery
Using the knee crutch results in higher oxygen delivery to the blood of the muscles in the affected leg. Oxygen delivery via blood flow is essential for injury healing. A direct study measured oxygen delivery to the muscles using the knee crutch, knee scooter, and crutches compared to walking without assistance[3]. Independent studies show that the iWalk, compared

to crutches and knee scooters, significantly increases oxygen saturation[6][7].

Reduced fatigue
Fatigue is significantly reduced when using the knee crutch compared to crutches or knee scooters[6][7]. The reason for the reduced fatigue when using the iWalk is the reduced energy cost of walking. The iWalk hands-free crutch allows for a more natural walking pattern, minimizing energy expenditure. Fatigue is also decreased due to increased blood flow and oxygen delivery and reduced muscle atrophy.

In summary, the iWalk knee crutch provides a safe, stable, and effective mobility solution for individuals with weight-bearing restrictions on the lower leg. It offers numerous medical benefits, including increased muscle activity, reduced muscle atrophy, increased blood flow and oxygen delivery, reduced fatigue, and reduced risk of secondary injuries compared to traditional crutches. Additionally, using the iWalk promotes independence and allows individuals to perform daily activities more easily, contributing to improved overall well-being during the recovery process.


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