Neck Complaints



Neck complaints are very annoying and can limit your ability to perform your daily activities. Neck complaints can be caused by various factors. How these complaints can best be treated depends on each person and the cause of the complaints. An orthopedic pillow can offer a solution in many cases.

What are the causes of neck pain?

Common physical complaints are neck complaints. Neck complaints can have various causes. Sometimes you wake up with a stiff neck. That means you are sleeping on the wrong pillow. In many cases, neck complaints are the result of sleeping on the wrong pillow. Other causes of neck pain can include:

  • Whiplash
  • Overload of neck muscles
  • Provocative movements
  • Sitting, walking, standing or sleeping in a ‘wrong’ position for a long time
  • Muscle strain
  • Neck hernia
  • Fatigue, tension and stress
  • Wear and tear
  • Cold / draft
  • Shoulder injury
  • Osteoarthritis
  • RSI

The solution for neck complaints: orthopedic pillows

Research has shown that Orthopedic pillows are the best pillows for neck pain. These types of pillows provide better support for the head, neck and vertebrae. Thanks to this support, you will sleep better and have a good night’s sleep. Orthopedic pillows are ergonomically designed. As a result, they provide exactly the support where you need it most.

What’s wrong with a traditional pillow?

There are two main reasons why a traditional pillow can cause incorrect body position while sleeping. The first reason is an incorrect thickness of the pillow causing the head to be placed too high or too low. If the pillow is too thin, it will create an uncomfortable angle of the neck that bends down. Conversely, if the pillow is too thick, the neck bends upward in an unnatural position. These sleeping positions often cause physical complaints such as head, neck, back and shoulder pain.

The image above shows a correct sleeping position on the left. This shows that the orthopedic pillow supports the neck so that the vertebrae lie in a straight line. The right side of the image shows an incorrect sleeping position where the pillow causes the vertebrae to bend. In this position, the muscles around the vertebrae cannot relax, which can cause complaints in the head, neck, shoulders and/or back.

The second reason is the hardness of a pillow. Traditional pillows are often filled with down, which makes them very soft. If the pillow is too soft, it will not support the head and neck sufficiently. A soft pillow does not provide the correct lateral support to the head, so the pillow cannot prevent the head from turning to the left or right while sleeping. These complaints are especially common in back sleepers.

Which sleeping position is suitable for an orthopedic pillow?

The size, firmness and shape of the pillow all depend on the sleeping position and sleeping habits. Our orthopedic pillows are scientifically substantiated and only suitable for back and side sleepers.

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