Discover now which support best suits your injury:

ProBrace has developed a unique support class, which we have been able to truthfully draw up by testing and applying the braces and bandages in practice. You can easily determine how much support best suits your injury.

You can recognize the different classes by the symbols below:

Klasse 1

1st Class:

This is the lightest support class that ProBrace can offer. Braces in this class mainly provide compression and can be made with silicone (friction) pads. These braces give full freedom of movement, but can provide compression or local extra pressure to relieve local pain and edema.

Indication statements:

  • Fluid build-up / edema
  • Mild tendonitis
  • Light instabilities

Klasse 2

Class 2:

This is the average support class that ProBrace can offer. Braces in this class provide both support and compression, but allow freedom of movement. These braces are equipped with plastic / flexible bars or extra bands for support and stability, similar to tape.

Indication statements:

  • Sprains / sprains support
  • Mild instabilities
  • Tendonitis
  • Comfortable for daily use with chronic pain complaints
  • Suitable for all moderate intensity activities

Klasse 3

Class 3:

This is the heaviest support class that ProBrace can offer. Braces in this class provide a lot of support and allow little freedom of movement. These braces consist of rigid materials and are often equipped with (aluminum) balconies for support and stability.

Indication statements:

  • Aftertreatment after a fracture or (band) rupture
  • Heavy instabilities
  • (Night) splint to prevent movements
  • Preventive when deployed during heavy activities
If you still have questions despite this support class, you can always contact us by phone, chat or email!


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geeft steun!
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Het gat bij de duim is veel te smal

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