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The Zamst brand is a new and revolutionary brand that has developed strongly in recent years and is part of the Nippon Sigmax group from Japan. The Nippon Sigmax group was founded in 1973 and is the current market leader in the Japanese orthopedic sector.

In 1993, the Zamst brand was introduced to the market, specifically to develop sports braces . Zamst uses medical expertise and the R&D capabilities of the Nippon Sigmax group.

Zamst and sports braces go hand-in-hand. These products have been specially developed for sports. So do you need a sports brace ? Zamst is the solution! Zamst has put her full focus on effective protection of the posture and musculoskeletal system, but also tries to keep the freedom of movement as optimal as possible. All this is achieved by applying as much compression as possible. Like no other supplier, Zamst is as successful when it comes to optimal performance in sports. In the development of each product, the opinion and experience of the athlete is central to the further development and optimization of the products.

The best examples of the best Zamst products are the Zamst Filmista Ankle Brace or the Zamst Thumb Guard Thumb Brace .

  • Effective protection,
  • Maximum freedom of movement and
  • Optimal wearing comfort,

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