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The Teyder Children’s Ankle Bandage offers support and compression for common ankle injuries. We also recommend this ankle bandage to prevent ankle complaints, especially when there is (slight) hypermobility.


Buy Teyder Children’s Ankle Bandage?

The Teyder Ankle Bandage is a compression brace for the ankle. We recommend wearing this item to support the ankle with a minor ankle injury. Think of a sprain / sprain of the ankle. We also recommend this article if your child’s ankle(s) are very ‘flexible’ (a so-called laxity or hypermobility). This compression creates more stability and confidence in the joints, so that he / she can move and play without worry.

Indications Teyder Children’s Ankle Bandage

  • To prevent ankle complaints (in case of laxity / hypermobility)
  • Proprioception Stimulating Ankle Bandage
  • Can be used on both ‘thicker / swollen’ and ‘thinner / sore’ ankle
  • (In) torn / stretched ankle ligaments
  • Edema / fluid formation around the ankle joint
  • Mild ankle sprains / strains

Features and benefits Teyder Children’s Ankle Bandage

  • The best price-quality ratio!
  • Great for expelling fluid around the ankle joint
  • extra thin; so easy to wear in shoes
  • Lightweight ankle bandage
  • Easy to put on due to the stretch component (just like a sock)
  • Homogeneous compression and pressure around the ankle joint
  • Easy to wash out
  • Can be worn on the left or right

How can you measure the Teyder Children’s Ankle Bandage?

The Teyder Children’s Ankle Bandage is available in sizes XXS and XS. To do this, measure the circumference of the ankle at the thinnest point. If in doubt, we recommend the smallest size of both, as it is a compression item.

measure ankle bandage

Measure Lower leg circumference
XXS 13 – 16 cm
XS 16 – 19 cm


  • We recommend that you wear this item directly on the skin. You may -if desired- wear a (sports) sock over the article.
  • The Teyder Children’s Ankle Bandage can be washed in the washing machine with a 30-degree wash. Place the ankle bandage in a laundry bag or pillowcase.
  • Did you know that!? The Teyder Children’s Ankle Bandage is a universal item and can therefore be worn both on the right and left.







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