GO Medical Alu-Splint Finger Support

The GO Medical Alu-Splint Finger Brace is an aluminum brace for the finger that can be bent and trimmed as desired. Now temporarily extra cheaply priced!



GO Medical Alu Splint Aluminum Finger Brace

The GO Medical Aluminum Splint Aluminum Finger Brace is a finger brace that can be bent as desired and that can be applied to both the top and bottom of the finger. You can easily bend and trim this brace for the finger yourself, if desired. You then attach this finger brace (yourself) with 2 Velcro straps.

This finger brace ensures that the affected structures of the finger get the necessary rest to recover to the maximum.

This finger brace comes in 3 sizes, which are only distinguished by the total length. See the size chart below for the total lengths.

Indications GO Medical Alu splint Finger Brace

  • Rheumatism / Arthrosis of the finger
  • Bruised or broken finger
  • Climb finger (pulley rupture)
  • Mallet finger / hammer finger
  • Other conditions or deformations of the finger, in which the finger wishes to be splinted

Features & benefits Alu-Splint Finger brace

  • Comfortable and soft foam lining
  • Bend to your liking!
  • Immobilization for the finger joints
  • Three different lengths and can be trimmed as desired

Size chart aluminum finger brace

Measure the length of your finger and determine the length over which you want to immobilize the finger. If this does not work out, you can always contact ProBrace.nl ‘s expert customer service

Measure Total length of the brace
1 8 cm
2 10 cm
3 12 cm


  • This aluminum finger brace is easy to bend and trim to your own liking. Create your own custom-made finger brace!
  • Think about which joint (s) of your finger you want to immobilize and keep in mind buying the right size finger brace.
  • This finger brace is easy to clean with a hand wash, with lukewarm water.
  • The finger brace is easy to put on and take off independently.


Weight N/A


1, 2, 3




  1. Riet-

    Goede ,makkelijke brace. Zelfs mijn huisarts vroeg waar ik die gekocht had. Ik heb jullie adres doorgegeven!

  2. Riet-

    Goede ,makkelijke brace. Zelfs mijn huisarts vroeg waar ik die gekocht had. Ik heb jullie adres doorgegeven!

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