Quervains Disease



Quervain’s disease

There are many muscles and tendons around the wrist, all of which ensure that we can grasp objects in daily life. In Quervain’s disease, it is the wrist and thumb movements that are very painful.

What is Quervain’s disease?

The wrist and thumb can be moved using muscles located in the forearm. The muscles that allow movement in the wrist and thumb are attached to the thumb by tendons.

In Quervain’s disease, it is the tendon sheath in combination with the tendons that are irritated or inflamed. This can cause complaints on the thumb side in the forearm. This can make moving the thumb and wrist painful.

Cause of Quervain’s disease?

Quervain’s disease often occurs when the same movement is repeated many times. Consider, for example, the actions: squeezing, lifting. You can also think of sports: hockey, tennis or volleyball. Exercising one and the same movement over and over can cause the tendon to become irritated and overloaded.

Quervain’s disease is also more common in young mothers. They make many new and repeatable exercises in taking care of the baby. Which can lead to overload and irritation of the tendons in the forearm or thumb.

Symptoms and signs of Quervain’s disease

  • Pain when moving the thumb
  • Pain when wringing or squeezing
  • Painful sensation when spinning the wrist
  • A numb feeling around the thumb and index finger is caused by the irritated nerve that is present at the tendon sheath.

Treatment with a thumb brace

Quervain’s disease can be tested with Finkelstein ‘s test . Place your fingers over the thumb and then extend the thumb away from you. People with Quervain’s disease experience an unpleasant/very painful feeling at the wrist.

To fully recover, it is important to give the thumb and wrist joint sufficient rest. A splint or brace may be applicable here. The options that we as ProBrace can offer are:

  1. Looking for a thumb brace that provides ideal support, comfort and a great fit? Then look at the Ligaflex Manu from Thuasne . The wrist brace provides the necessary support and ensures sufficient rest for the wrist.
  2. The Ryno lacer wrist brace from Medspec provides the most support if the length of 22.5 cm is chosen, this offers extra support over the wrist joint.
  3. Looking for a brace that provides the right support and which offers more freedom to perform daily activities easily? Hobbies or sports? Then choose the Thuasne Sport Thumb Brace .

If you do not find the desired thumb brace or thumb bandage you are looking for, please contact one of our specialists for FREE tailor-made advice .

Want to buy Quervain brace? Special thumb braces for Quervain!

Do you have pain on the thumb side of your wrist? Struggling to hold onto things? Difficulty pouring tea or coffee? These are often heard complaints in Quervain’s disease. We, a team of physiotherapists, movement technologists and orthopedic instrument makers hear these complaints daily on the phone, chat, e-mail or during our consultation hours.

Morbus Quervain / tendovaginitis is caused by an inflammation / irritation in the tendon sheath on the thumb side of the wrist. Characteristics of inflammation are: warmth, red skin, painful, swelling / thickening of the affected structure and movements are often painful.

Do you recognize these complaints? Please feel free to contact ProBrace via +31 (0)85-4011 911 or info@probrace.nl

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