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Knee support during winter sports

About 20% of winter sports enthusiasts sustain an injury, most of which are knee injuries. Of these knee injuries, inner tube (MCL) and anterior cruciate ligament rupture (ACL) are the most common. Incidentally, knee injuries are many times more common among skiers than among snowboarders. There are various causes, but twists, ski bindings that do not come loose and poor preparation for winter sports are common causes. In terms of numbers, knee injuries among athletes remain fairly constant, but in proportion to the number of winter sports injuries, knee injuries are increasingly increasing. An elastic knee brace for skiing can ensure that your knee will become less painful and fatigued. However, a rigid knee brace can also greatly contribute to the prevention of a new injury.

Knee injuries from skiing

The knees are a sensitive area when skiing. The slats that are attached to the foot can cause an annoying twisting of the knee. This can damage the anterior cruciate ligament, inner collateral ligament and the meniscus. If you have suffered such an injury, it is wise to wear a knee brace during and after rehabilitation. The brace protects the knee against unwanted rotation and ensures stability in the knee joint. Suitable knee braces to wear with this injury are:

  • Bauerfeind Genutrain with silicone
  • Thuasne Genoa Ligaflex
  • Bauerfeind Genutrain S
  • Bauerfeind secutec
  • Teyder premium knee brace with hinges

Want to buy a ski knee brace?

Depending on the type and severity of the complaints, it is better to opt for an elastic or rigid knee brace . An elastic knee brace consists of a knitted stocking that provides compression around the joint, flexible ribs that relieve the knee ligaments and a soft pad to support the kneecap. These braces have a pain relieving and mild stabilizing effect. Suitable for people with a strain, mild osteoarthritis, various pain complaints in and around the knee or who need preventive support. A rigid knee brace is made for the people who need greater support. This can be as a follow-up treatment of an anterior cruciate ligament rupture, meniscus complaints, postoperative treatment or osteoarthritis and rheumatism complaints. A rigid knee brace contains hard ribs that provide mobility with hinges. The knee ligaments are thus supported and protected to a great extent. Reducing pain complaints and the chance of a new trauma is reduced!

Winter sports with chronic knee complaints such as osteoarthritis?

Skiing can be difficult for people with osteoarthritis. Absorbing the blows while skiing puts a strain on the knees and can cause a lot of pain. A knee brace can be chosen to give the knee some relief. In mild osteoarthritis, an elastic knee brace is sufficient. These braces stabilize the knee joint and support the kneecap so that it tracks well over the thigh. Examples of suitable elastic knee braces are the CARE Genu knee brace and the Bauerfeind Genutrain with silicone.

For more severe osteoarthritis, it is good to opt for a rigid knee brace. These contain hard ribs that provide mobility with a hinge. The knee ligaments are supported and the knee stabilized as a result. The small movements that cause the pain are thus inhibited. Examples of suitable rigid braces are the Thuasne Genoa Ligaflex , the Bauerfeind Genutrain S and the Bauerfeind secutec .

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