Ihle Wrist Support Undersleeve

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This cotton undersleeve is worn under a wrist brace. This is desirable for skin irritations, the distribution of pressure points or simply for comfort.


Need a Undersleeve for your Wrist Brace? Universal & comfortable!

This simple cotton undersleeve is the solution when you are ‘bothered’ by your wrist brace. Does the skin get irritated? Is the wrist brace just not comfortable? Should the pressure of the wrist brace be better distributed? This thin cotton sleeve is placed over your hand, wrist and forearm and offers you more comfort and also more hygiene! This wrist sleeve can be easily washed in the washing machine, at 30 degrees (or a hand wash).

Indications Ihle Wrist Brace Undersleeve

  • For (skin) irritations caused by a (custom) wrist brace, wrist orthosis, thumb brace or thumb orthosis
  • For hygiene / cleaning (sustainable)
  • Dividing pressure points under the wrist and / or thumb brace
  • Comfort
  • Other indications where the skin must be protected

Ondersteuning 1 Probrace Small

Features and benefits of the Ihle Pols Undersleeve

  • Protects the skin when wearing braces and orthoses for the wrist / thumb
  • Distributes pressure when wearing wrist and thumb braces / orthoses
  • Easy to wash (machine, 30 degrees and / or hand wash)
  • Very comfortable
  • Economically priced and nowhere cheaper!

How can you measure the Ihle Undersleeve for the Wrist Brace?

This universal (wearable on both sides) product is available in two variants; without and with thumb piece and is available in one size.


  • This product can be worn both right and left! You can always try one copy and order a second one when you like it. Please note: Take advantage of our new offer; when you buy 2 directly, you will receive 20% on the second item! Use the discountcoupon: ihlewrist20
  • Wearing a wrist undersleeve not only offers comfort, but also hygiene! This makes your wrist or thumb brace or orthosis last longer!
  • This undersleeve is easy to wash in a washing machine (maximum 30 degrees) or with a simple hand wash.





One size






With thumb support, Without thumb support


With splint


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