SpryStep® Flex EVO drop foot brace



The SpryStep® Flex EVO from Thuasne is the latest in lightweight folding foot orthosis for sports and higher activity levels.


Thuasne SpryStep® Flex – The sportiest solution for a foot drop!

The Thuasne SpryStep® Flex orthosis is the ideal support for active persons with a drop foot. The orthosis has all the benefits of a carbon / carbon ankle foot orthosis (lightweight, durable) without the drawbacks (rigid).

Walking with the SpryStep® Flex will now require less energy with a minimal risk of falling. The Thuasne SpryStep® Flex is generally experienced as very comfortable and versatile, but there are some requirements for the shoes, we prefer to use the SpryStep® Flex in combination with:

  • Low walking shoes
  • Sturdy sneakers or lace-up shoes
  • Sneakers

More shoe advice can be found here!

We only supply the Thuasne SpryStep® Flex in combination with a consultation in Amersfoort. Here we have a workshop and we can adapt this orthosis perfectly to your needs. Once you have placed an order, you can contact us to schedule a delivery appointment. This appointment will take approximately 30 minutes and is included in the price.

During this appointment you must bring your own:

  • Various (clean) shoes in which you want to use the SpryStep® Flex
  • Thick and thin (high) socks

Indications Thuasne SpryStep® Flex brace

  • Drop foot
  • A nerve paresis due to a hernia or stenosis of the spinal canal
  • Nerve loss (usually the fibulae nerve: Peroneal nerve)
  • Loss of nerves due to trauma
  • Weak foot extensor muscles (due to neurological involvement)

Contraindications Thuasne SpryStep® Flex brace

  • Open wounds on the foot
  • Body weight> 120kg
  • Strong oedema
  • Ankle arthrodesis (locking) or other immobilities of the ankle
  • Heavy foot deformities

Support class_2_probrace

Advantages and properties SpryStep® Flex AFO

  • Lightweight
  • Only to be used in a low shoe with laces or velcro
  • Easy to put on independently
  • Proven effective!
  • User-friendly and comfortable
  • Long lifespan
  • Reduced risk of falling.
  • Improves your quality of life!

Dimensions of the SpryStep® Flex brace

The Thuasne SpryStep® is available in 5 different sizes and in a left or right version.

SpryStep Flex

When in doubt, choose the largest variant.

Product video:

Fitting video for patients:





XS, S, M, L, XL


Left, Right

Support classification



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