Thuasne Comfort Elbow Crutches



The Comfort Elbow crutches are adjustable in height at two points, offer a closed cuff for safety and an anatomical handle for the correct pressure distribution and optimal user comfort.


Thuasne Comfort Elbow Crutches – The most comfortable walking aid in an injury!

The Thuasne Comfort Elbow crutches are the most comfortable crutches on the market. The anatomical handle ensures that there is a correct pressure distribution in your hand, so that you do not have any pain in your hands when walking. The Thuasne Comfort Elbow crutches are adjustable in height at two points, for comfortable and ergonomic use. Furthermore, these Comfort Elbow Crutches have a closed cuff for a safe feeling and more stability when walking. The Comfort Elbow Crutches are intended for people up to 130 kg body weight and a longer operating time (> 21 days). The stools are supplied per pair as standard, but you can also choose a left or right copy during the ordering process.


Indication settings Comfort Elbow crutches

  • Balance problems
  • Limited walking range
  • Rapid fatigue
  • More serious injuries (severe sprains, post-operative treatment)
  • Longer use (> 21 days)

Features and benefits Comfort Elbow crutches

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Very comfortable sickle-shaped support for comfort and safety
  • Armrest for body weight up to 130 kg
  • Anatomically shaped handles for better pressure distribution and higher user comfort
  • Rubber base for the best grip
  • Closed cuff for safety and stability
  • Adjustable in height at two points for more ergonomic use

Which crutches should I choose?

When choosing crutches, there are two criteria to consider: the weight of the user and the service life of the crutches.

<21 days Globetrotter crutches (max 150 kg)
21 – 45 days Globetrotter plus crutches (max 150 kg) or
Comfort crutches (max 130 kg)
> 45 days Comfort crutches (max 130 kg)


The Thuasne Comfort Elbow crutches are standard delivered in the color blue.




Left & Right


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