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The Thuasne Soft-Grip walking stick is the most luxurious walking stick on the market. This walking stick comes standard with a safety cord, has an anatomical handle and carries up to 130 kg body weight!


Thuasne Soft-Grip Walking Stick – The most luxurious walking stick on the market!

The Thuasne Soft-Grip Walking Stick is the most luxurious walking stick that ProBrace delivers. This walking stick carries up to 130 kg body weight, instead of all other walking sticks (up to 100 kg). In addition, this beautiful walking stick has an anatomical handle, a reflector on the front of the stick and is infinitely adjustable. So are you looking for the ferrari under the walking sticks? Then choose the Thuasne Soft-Grip Walking Stick!

Indications Soft Grip Walking Stick

  • Balance problems
  • Limited walking range
  • Rapid fatigue
  • Walking insecure / unstable
  • (Severe) injuries (severe sprains, post-operative treatment)

Features and benefits Soft Grip Walking Stick

  • Suitable for use inside and outside the house
  • Equipped with a reflector on the front of the walking stick
  • Easy to carry
  • Slide in and out
  • Rubber cap on the bottom for all-time grip and smooth running
  • height adjustable (74-94 cm)
  • Equipped with a wrist strap / wrist strap
  • Carries up to a weight of max. 130 kg
  • Anatomically shaped handle
  • Available in the left and in the right!

Which walking stick should I choose?

There are three things to consider when choosing your walking stick. The first is your weight, the second is the goal; what will you use your walking stick for? What are your wishes in terms of advantages and disadvantages? And last but not least: which one do you like best? After all, the eye also wants something! ProBrace has made an indication for you.

Kind of walking stick Weight (max.) Pros and cons*
Wooden walking stick with round handle 100 kg – Lightweight
– Round handle
Foldable walking stick adjustable (black) 100 kg – Adjustable in height
– Collapsible
Aluminum walking stick with T-shaped wooden handle 100 kg – in 10 different heights
– Relatively heavy
Wooden walking stick with T-shaped handle 100 kg – Lightweight
– Not adjustable in height
Aluminum walking stick with anatomical handle 100 kg – Adjustable in height
– Anatomical handle
Luxury walking stick with soft grip 130 kg – Adjustable in height
– Safety cord
– Can be loaded up to 130 kg

* All advantages and disadvantages have been determined on the basis of a mutual comparison.


The Thuasne Soft-Grip Walking Stick is only available in brown .




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