Thuasne Aluminium Cane with Wooden T-shaped Handle



This stick is made of aluminum and the T-shape handle of wood. Moreover, this walking stick is easy to set in 10 different heights!


Aluminum walking stick with wooden handle T-shape – The walking stick of walking sticks with balance problems!

This aluminum walking stick has a wooden T-shape handle and is easily adjustable in 10 different heights by means of a twist-click system. Furthermore, this walking stick, like so many, has a rubber cap on the bottom for optimal grip. For both indoor and outdoor use.

Indications Aluminum Walking Stick with Wooden Handle T-shape:

  • Balance problems
  • Limited walking range
  • Rapid fatigue
  • Walking insecure / unstable
  • (Severe) injuries (severe sprains, post-operative treatment)

Features and benefits Aluminum T-Bar with Wooden T-shape Handle:

  • Suitable for use inside and outside the house
  • Easy to carry
  • Adjustable in 10 different heights (77.5 – 101 cm)
  • Rubber cap on the bottom for all-time grip
  • Carries up to a weight of max. 100 kg
  • Ergonomically shaped handle

Which walking stick should I choose?

There are three things to consider when choosing your walking stick. The first is your weight, the second is the goal; what will you use your walking stick for? What are your wishes in terms of advantages and disadvantages? And last but not least: which one do you like best? After all, the eye also wants something! ProBrace has made an indication for you.

Kind of walking stick Weight (max.) Pros and cons*
Wooden walking stick with round handle 100 kg – Lightweight
– Round handle
Foldable walking stick adjustable (black) 100 kg – Adjustable in height
– Collapsible
Aluminum walking stick with T-shaped wooden handle 100 kg – in 10 different heights
– Relatively heavy
Wooden walking stick with T-shaped handle 100 kg – Lightweight
– Not adjustable in height
Aluminum walking stick with anatomical handle 100 kg – Adjustable in height
– Anatomical handle
Luxury walking stick with soft grip 130 kg – Adjustable in height
– Safety cord
– Can be loaded up to 130 kg

* All advantages and disadvantages have been determined on the basis of a mutual comparison.


The Thuasne Aluminum Walking Stick with Wooden T-shape Handle is only available in black .




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