Teyder Patella Support

Stabilize your patella / kneecap with the Teyder Patella brace / Patella band. The pressure on the patellar tendon and the bottom of the kneecap provide more stability and less pain. Now temporarily very competitively priced!


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Teyder Patella Brace / Patella Band!

This patella brace from Teyder is a frequently used product for complaints on and around the kneecap. This patella brace is widely used in hospitals by specialists and by athletes. Very effective for complaints such as a Runners knee / Runners knee , Jumpers knee , patellar instability of the kneecap and patellafemoral pain syndrome !

Indications Teyder Patella band

  • Jumpers knee
  • Kneecap instability (patella)
  • PFPS Patella femoral pain syndrome
  • Status after patellar luxation dislocated kneecap
  • Other complaints on and around the kneecap
  • Recovery phase (after surgery)
  • (Resumption) sports activities

Class 2

Features and benefits Teyder Patella brace

  • Supports and stabilizes the knee in mild to medium complaints
  • Can be worn on the right or left
  • Recommended by specialists and athletes!
  • Best price-quality ratio
  • Very effective in the above indications
  • Easy to put on independently
  • Washable by hand wash 

How can you measure the Teyder Patella brace / Patella band?

This product is a universal (wearable on both sides) product and available in one size.


  • This product can be worn right and left and is available in one size! In short; for everyone to use!
  • We recommend this product! This product is enormously priced by many colleagues, specialists and athletes! Use it to your advantage!
  • Wear this product on both sides, so that both knees are well supported!


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One size



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