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The Teyder Children’s Wrist and Thumb Brace is ideal to support a sprain, tendonitis or after-treatment of a bone fracture. The thumb support provides an immobilizing effect on the thumb joints.


Want to order Teyder Kinder Wrist and Thumb Brace?

The Teyder Children’s wrist brace with (removable) thumb support is specially made to immobilize the wrist and thumb joints. This may be necessary in the event of instability, after a (minor) accident or after trauma with a fracture in the wrist, hand or thumb as a result. This wrist brace contains an extra thumb piece where all thumb joints are supported up to the second upper joint. In this wrist brace and in the thumb piece there is an aluminum rib to ensure that these joints do not move in their end positions. The wrist and thumb brace is designed to provide compression in addition to an immobilizing effect. As a result, moisture is less likely to accumulate in the hand.

Tip! This wrist and thumb brace can therefore also only be used as a wrist brace. However, if you only want to order the Teyder children’s wrist brace (without thumb piece), you can do so here .

Indications Teyder Children’s Wrist and Thumb Brace

  • Follow-up treatment for broken wrist, broken thumb or broken hand
  • Can be used post-operatively
  • Wear preventively when exercising
  • Sprain of the wrist and / or thumb
  • Complaints of ligaments in the wrist and / or thumb
  • Tendon complaints and tendonitis
  • Overload

Features and benefits Teyder Children’s Wrist and Thumb Brace

  • Various setting options
  • Easy Velcro closures
  • Elastic material for compression action
  • Dark color remains beautiful for a long time
  • Aluminum ribs provide high support
  • Ensures a functional rehabilitation process

How can you measure the Teyder Children’s Wrist and Thumb Brace?

The Teyder wrist brace with thumb support for children is available in 2 sizes. It is important to order the right size so that the support fits well on your child’s wrist. See the size chart below.

wrist brace circumference

Measure Circumference Wrist
Size 1 11 – 13 cm
Size 2 13 – 15 cm


  • Did you know that!? Is wearing a wrist and thumb brace ideal as an alternative to taping? This offers higher support, is much kinder to the skin and (in the long term) is also much cheaper.
  • Wearing a wrist brace after a bone fracture is often advised to gradually increase the load on the body? In the context of prevention is better than (re) cure!
  • You can remove the rib from the wrist brace and it is very easy to wash it?
  • Gently bend the rib to improve the fit of the wrist brace to the shape of your child’s wrist.




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