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These comfort insoles are basic insoles for the ‘normal’ foot, with medium support under the medial arch (the arch of the foot). Easy to place in any shoe and at home for a great price!


Souls Comfort Arch supports – For the normal foot!

Looking for a ‘normal’ arch support? The entry-level model among arch supports? The Souls Comfort Arch Support is a basic arch support with medium medial arch support.

The Souls comfort insoles are your ideal support for the foot. This ‘neutral’ arch support is easy to place in any shoe and offers moderate arch support. Arch supports provide a good base for your body, cushioning around the heel, better pressure distribution under your feet so that you can walk, stand and move longer! The entry-level arch support!

Indications for wearing the Souls Arch supports

  • A good basis for your body!
  • Designed for neutral / normal feet
  • Alignment of the body (average ankle, knee, hip, and / or back pain)
  • Medium arch support
  • Minimal flat feet (feet bent inwards)
  • Minimal arch collapse
  • ‘Entry-level’ arch supports
  • Worn feet / ankles

Features and benefits of the Souls Comfort Arch supports

  • Basic support for the neutral / normal feet!
  • Super price-quality ratio!
  • Built-in heel cushioning for heel relief
  • Neutral medial arch support to support the arch of the foot
  • To be used for average foot complaints
  • Soft material relieves painful areas
  • Can be trimmed to size

How to measure?

Choosing the right size is important to ensure that the supportive shapes of the sole fit well with the foot. You can easily determine the correct size based on your shoe size. See the size chart below. After purchase you can trim the insoles to your liking. Tip: place the ready-to-wear sole from your shoe over the arch support and cut to size.

Size chart

NB: Ready-to-wear insoles are always sold in pairs! Is your size not listed? Then contact us for tailor-made advice.




XS, S, M, L, XL


  1. Jasper-

    Deze steunzolen gebruik ik nu ruim 2 maanden. Ze bevallen echt goed. Ik heb zojuist een tweede paar gekocht voor in mijn werkschoenen. mvg, jasper.

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