Shoe Stretcher for Bunion / Hallux Valgus



No more sore toes in your shoes! The secret of every shoemaker, thanks to this shoe stretcher you can now make room in your shoe to prevent pressure marks from your painful toes!


Ball & Ring Bunion Stretcher- Free yourselve from pressure points in your shoes forever!

These knobby pliers are the secret of our orthopedic instrument and shoemakers. Thanks to this knobby pliers it is possible to create extra space in places where your shoe pinches. Prevent magpie eyes and blisters forever with too tight shoes, an investment for the rest of your life!

By placing the ring on the outside and the lump on the inside on the painful area, you can express the area with caution. Try your shoe in between to make sure the area is stretched enough.

Indications of the Bunion Stretcher

All places where your shoe pinches !:

Advantages and properties Souls shoe stretcher

  • Extra solidly executed
  • Aluminium
  • Handles for extra grip
  • Lasts a lifetime

Tips & Trics

  • A leather shoe (+ leather inner lining) is easier to crumble / stretch
  • With smooth leather shoes, it is recommended to place a small piece of leather between the shoe and the ring to prevent an imprint of the ring
  • Use a suede brush to brush out the ring deposit on a suede shoe
  • ‘Plastic’ shoes, such as cycling shoes, can be heated slightly in advance by means of a hairdryer, to simplify the knobbing.




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