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The Ovation Heel Spur Night Splint is a splint / orthosis that is used very successfully for Heel Spurs, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles tendon complaints and/or mobilization of the ankle joint (dorsiflexion limitation). You place the night splint on the back of the leg and the bottom of the foot and wear it throughout the night. This prevents your foot from being in a ‘pointed foot’ (plantar flexion) position. This gives the rigid structures a stretching stimulus, which slowly reduces the complaints.


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The Ovation Heel Spur Night Splint is a prefabricated ankle / foot orthosis for the night that is used as a conservative / effective treatment of Heel Spurs, Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles tendon complaints. This Universal Plantar Fasciitis Orthosis (UFO) is placed at the back of the leg (dorsal) and gives pressure to the underside of the foot through the plastic shell, in order to keep your ankle in a 90-degree position. This ensures that the pressure in the case of Heel Spurs & Plantar Fasciitis is reduced. Wear the night splint every night for several weeks for best results. Build a noticeable stretch on the underside of the foot when putting on. In this way, the orthosis can break through the complaints on the underside of the foot.

The night splint can be easily attached and released with three click buckles, so that you can easily take it off and on. There is also a running sole underneath, if you want to keep it on at night when you get up, for example for a visit to the toilet.

We recommend using this night splint in combination with (soft) insoles during the day for optimal results. In this way, your complaint will be addressed both during the day and during the night. We recommend these insoles for daytime use.

Note: The Ovation Heel Spur Night Splint can be worn on both the left and right.

Indications Ovation Heel Spur Night Splint

  • Heel Spurs & Plantar Fasciitis
  • Achilles tendon complaints
  • Dorsal flexion restriction

Ondersteuningsklasse 3

Features and benefits of the Ovation Heel Spur Night Splint

  • The degree position can be adjusted as desired by the Velcro straps on the side (We recommend a mild stretch to prevent cramping!)
  • Universal (this night splint can be worn both left and right)
  • Even pressure under the entire foot
  • Minimal chance of cramping during the night

How do you measure the Ovation Heel Spur Night Splint?

This night splint is available in sizes S, M and L. Read the size chart below to find out which size is suitable for you.

 Size  Shoe size Women (EU)  Shoe size Men (EU)
S  37 – 40  38 – 40
M  40 – 42  40 – 42
L   > 42  42 – 45

Tips for wearing the Ovation Heel Spur Night Splint

  • The Velcro straps on the sides of the night splint can be used to increase or decrease the tension on the sole of the foot. We advise you to start the first weeks with minimal tension on the sole of your foot, in order to provoke an adverse effect. By gradually building up the tension, the poorly perfused tendon tissue gets the chance to get used to the stretch.
  • The three clips you can use to secure the straps are quick release fasteners. You can use this to quickly put on and take off the night splint. This way you don’t have to keep re-tensioning the Velcro straps.
  • The Ovation Night Splint has a sole on the underside, so that you can keep the orthosis on when you need to go to the toilet at night.


Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 40 cm

S, M, L


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