Footlogics High Heel Insoles

Looking for insoles for women’s shoes with medium to high heel? These insoles have an anti-slip sticker under the heel to prevent the soles from sliding down.



Footlogics High Heel Insoles – Arch supports for high heels!

The High Heel Comfort insoles from Footlogics are simple soles for shoes with high heels. Place these insoles easily in any shoe and use the double-sided adhesive strip to prevent the soles from shifting.

Problems with the forefoot (ball of the foot)? Do you suffer from sore toes? Stiff calves? Back pain? Walking in high heels often causes a lot of complaints. With the new High Heel Insoles from Footlogics, these complaints are a thing of the past! When you start wearing these High Heel insoles, you can stand and walk much longer in high heels. You can walk in (high) heels with the High Heel Comfort soles from Footlogics!

Assessment statements for cushioning insoles

  • Painful forefoot
  • Deaf / painful toes
  • Tired feet
  • (Low) back pain
  • Stiff calves
  • Magpie eyes
  • Corns
  • Ankle, knee or hip complaints (alignment)
  • Wear and tear / osteoarthritis
  • A painful footbed

Properties and benefits cushioning insoles

  • Supports the arch and the ball of the foot
  • Three-quarter corrective arch support
  • Soft and sturdy
  • Relieves painful feet and legs
  • Suitable for almost all women’s shoes
  • The best price-quality ratio
  • Anti-slip dot under the heel to prevent slipping
  • Made in Europe (Barcelona, Spain)

Determine your size

To determine the correct size, see the size chart below.

After receipt you can cut these insoles to size and place them in your shoe. See the bottom of the insoles for cutting to size or use the sole from your shoe as an example.

NB: Ready-to-wear insoles are always sold in pairs! Is your size not listed? Then contact us for tailor-made advice.




XS, S, M


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