Fitpace EcoDasher Plus Adjustable Insoles – The right arch support for every foot



Are you looking for arch supports that you can adapt to the situation you are in? The FitPace EcoDasher Plus Insole is a unique arch support that you can adjust as needed. The insole comes with 7 different pads, so that 21 different combinations can be created. This custom-made arch support offers the comfort and support you need at that moment.


EcoDasher Plus Customizable Insoles Suitable for Every Foot!

Are you looking for durable insoles that you can wear in various situations? Some people need insoles for comfort, others for correction or pain relief. Insoles are also worn as a relief aid during running or to improve sports performance. The EcoDasher is an all-inclusive solution for all these different needs. You can customize the adjustable insoles for every occasion. With 7 handy interchangeable pads per insole, you can create up to 21 unique insoles/combinations; we call this customization. The EcoDasher Plus insole offers ergonomic comfort, support, and relief for every foot and every complaint! The insoles can be customized for daily use, pain relief, and during sports activities.

21 Different Insoles Thanks to 7 Unique Foot Pads

The insole comes with 3 different forefoot pads and 4 different heel pads, allowing you to create 21 unique combinations per insole. The pads can be exchanged under the heel and forefoot, so you can easily customize the footbed independently according to the activity you are undertaking and the desired support.

EcoDasher FitPace – Custom Comfort, Sustainably Made

The EcoDasher insole is not only unique because it is easy to customize. The insole is also very sustainable! The core of the insole is made from a unique blend of algae and recycled plastic waste! This makes the EcoDasher Fitpace insoles 47% biodegradable and 53% recyclable! Therefore, EcoDasher is not only a sustainable choice for your feet but also for the environment!
Benefits and Features

  • With the FitPace EcoDasher Plus insole, you create the perfect support and cushioning for every situation.
  • Relieve foot complaints and prevent fatigue with the custom options.
  • 7 handy interchangeable shock-absorbing and support pads for creating 21 unique combinations.
  • Ergonomic comfort, support, and relief.
  • Environmentally friendly, made from algae and recycled plastic waste.
  • Suitable for a wide range of foot complaints.
  • Helps correct foot alignment and relieve foot pain.
  • Breathable and antibacterial.
  • Customize the way you walk!

Insoles Suitable for Flat Feet and Heel Spurs
Thanks to the ergonomic design, the Fitpace insole is very suitable for flat feet, heel spurs, heel pain, forefoot complaints, and other foot problems.


  • Heel pain
  • Heel spur (Plantar Fasciitis)
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Morton’s Neuroma
  • Flat feet
  • Back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Ankle pain
  • Foot pain

Size Chart
Measure the length from heel to toe for the correct size.

Heel to Toe Length Size
220-229 mm 35/36
230-239 mm 37/38
240-249 mm 38/39
250-259 mm 40/41
260-269 mm 41/42
270-279 mm 43/44
280-289 mm 44/45
290-294 mm 46/47
295-304 mm 47/48
305-309 mm 48/49

Packaging Contents

  • EcoDasher insole 1 pair
  • Oceanfoam Metatarsal pads 1 pair + Oceanfoam Heel pads 1 pair
  • Rebound Metatarsal pads 1 pair + Rebound Heel pads 1 pair
  • FIT Gel Midfoot pads 1 pair + FIT Gel Heel pads 1 pair
  • Comfort MAX Heel cushions 1 pair

Combinations of the Fitpace Insole for Daily Use, Sports, and Pain Relief
If you need insoles for daily use and comfort, pain relief, or during sports activities, see our recommendations for assembling the insole with the included pads below.



Weight 0,2 kg

35 / 36, 37 / 38, 38 / 39, 39 / 40, 40 / 41, 41/ 42, 43 / 44, 44 / 45, 45 / 46, 46 / 47, 47 / 48, 48 / 49


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Frequently asked questions

How can the customizable foot pads be tailored to different situations?

The FitPace EcoDasher Plus Insole lets you choose from 3 metatarsal support cushions and 4 heel cushions to create 20 unique combinations. This allows you to customize your experience by selecting the desired metatarsal support cushion and heel shock cushion for personalized comfort.

Can I replace the pads under the heel and forefoot?

Yes, the pads under the heel and forefoot of the FitPace EcoDasher Plus Insole are replaceable. This allows you to adapt the insole to the specific activities you want to perform, such as exercising or running long distances.

Who are arch supports suitable for?

Arch supports are suitable for people with various foot complaints, such as pain while walking, pain during a standing job or pain during exercise. They provide extra support to the overloaded foot and ankles. But arch supports can also be effective for preventing or improving complaints elsewhere in the body. Arch supports can also provide relief from heel spurs and flat feet.

What is special about the FitPace EcoDasher Plus Insole?

The FitPace EcoDasher Plus Insole is an all-inclusive solution for different needs. With 7 convenient interchangeable pads you can create as many as 20 unique insoles, tailored to your needs. Furthermore, the insole is made from algae and plastic waste, so you not only experience comfort, but also make a positive impact on the planet.

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