Bauerfeind Mitella / Arm Sling for Adults


The Bauerfeind Mitella Shoulder Sling Shoulder Immobilizer is a (night) splint for the shoulder that ensures that your arm and shoulder belt is completely immobilized.

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Bauerfeind Shoulder Immobilizer – Night splint for shoulder!

This shoulder splint from Bauerfeind is recommended if you want to completely immobilize the shoulder joint / shoulder girdle. Place this shoulder splint around your shoulder and then close it with the Velcro fasteners. This shoulder splint is extra soft on the inside, because it is fully lined with terry cloth. This shoulder splint is used in all hospitals by orthopedists, physiotherapists and other specialists.

Indication statements shoulder splint Bauerfeind

  • Complete immobilization of the shoulder (possible during the day and at night)
  • Status before or after surgery on the shoulder
  • Other indications in which the shoulder must be immobilized

Features and benefits Bauerfeind shoulder splint

  • Soft padded terry cloth sling (very soft and skin-friendly)
  • Optional strap that can be placed around the hull
  • Super price / quality ratio!
  • This product is available in one size and can be worn on the right or left

How to measure

The Bauerfeind shoulder splint / night splint for the shoulder is available in one size and can be worn on the right and left .




One size



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