Basko Elcross 138 Shoulder Band / Back Straightener

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For high back pain or pain between the shoulder blades, a ‘back right holder’ provides support and pain relief. This tool is easy to wear under clothing.


Elcross Back and Shoulder Bandage – Easily Correct Your Posture!

The Camp Elcross shoulder support or back support can be used to prevent or correct the wrong posture. This correction can provide relief for a high back or low neck complaints because muscles no longer need to be constantly and fully contracted. The Camp Elcross back strap is particularly comfortable thanks to the breathable and soft elastic cotton from which the product is made.

Correct posture becomes increasingly important as one gets older. We call the increasing collapse of a kyphosis. Increased kyphosis can have negative effects on the body. Increasing pressure on the heart and lungs can impair their functioning. A right holder can correct this and ‘teach’ you a correct posture again.

Indication statements Camp Elcross 138 Posture corrector

  • Kyphosis
  • Clavicle fracture
  • Osteoporosis (thoracic)
  • Posture correction

Support class_2_probrace

Benefits and features Camp Elcross 138 back right holder

  • Simple Velcro closure at the front
  • Elastic bands at the back
  • Flat sewing to prevent skin irritation
  • Highly elastic breathable cotton
  • Color: light yellow

How to measure

To make optimal use of the Camp Elcross 138, the dimensions are very important. To choose the right size you only need to measure one size: the size directly under the chest (see picture).

This product is very small, if in doubt always choose a size larger than measured.

Measure Size under the breast
XS 60 – 70 cm
S 70 – 80 cm
M 80 – 90 cm
L 90 – 100 cm
XL 100 – 110 cm




XS, S, M, L, XL

Support classification


3 reviews for Basko Elcross 138 Shoulder Band / Back Straightener

  1. Frans-

    Zit comfortabel en meteen bij dag 1 met dragen geen pijn meer in mijn rug sinds 4 jaar !

  2. Bertha Brouwer-

    Effectief hulpmiddel. Na langer gebruik gaat het knellen bij de oksels. Maar dat komt waarschijnlijk doordat mijn houding nog niet optimaal is. Werkt verder prima.

  3. L. Knoezen-

    Goede rugbrace voor mijn houding

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