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Arch supports and sports insoles are often prescribed to correct your support and musculoskeletal system. Regular arch supports, but also sports soles can be prescribed by medical specialists. For example: orthopedic doctor, trauma doctor, rehabilitation or general practitioner. In addition, you are always welcome on your own initiative for a completely free foot consultation.

Fit insoles

At ProBrace, our certified sizing experts measure arch supports and sports soles using the latest analysis and 3D scanning techniques. If you would like to have a pair of arch supports fitted by ProBrace, make an appointment via +31 (0)85 – 4011 911 and drop by for a no-obligation foot consultation. You are welcome at one of our following fitting locations:

Ambachtstraat 3, 2861EW in Bergambacht
Please make an appointment via ProBrace
Phone: +31(0)85-4011911
Email: info@probrace.nl

Health centre Het Kruispunt
Dr. H.J. van Mooklaan 33F, 2286BB in Rijswijk
Please make an appointment via Bioch/Van der Lans fysiotherapie
Phone: +31(0)70-3963978
E-mail: info@biochvanderlans.nl

Arch supports and your insurance

Arch supports are no longer reimbursed from the basic package. Depending on your supplementary package, your insurance reimburses custom-made arch supports partially or fully. Some health insurers require a referral from a medical specialist or general practitioner to be eligible for reimbursement. To be sure whether your health insurance reimburses arch supports, we recommend that you check your policy conditions or consult your health insurer. Thanks to an S.E.M.H certified and NVOS Orthobanda affiliated partner, it is possible to declare your costs at all health insurers. Click here for the most current fees. In addition, always contact your health insurer.

Cost of custom orthotics

The costs for arch supports or sports insoles are 155 euros for adults and  125 euros for children under 14 years of age. If you would like to order an extra pair of custom orthotics, you can inform us by telephone or e-mail. You do not need to make a new appointment for this, provided the soles are less than 24 months old. If you order a repeat pair within 3 months after delivery, the costs per pair of arch supports are: 100 euros for children and 135 euros for adults.


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Geeft een heel goed gevoel.Past perfect

10 / 10

Geeft een heel goed gevoel.Past perfect

Zeer prettige brace

10 / 10

Fijn dat je de brace links en rechts kunt ragen. IK draag hem nu een week, zeer prettig . Makkelijk en snel aan doen, geen storend klittenband.

geeft steun!

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geeft steun!
Het aandoen is een beetje ingewikkeld voor 90-jarigen.

Goed advies .

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Goed advies .

Het gat bij de duim is veel te smal

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Het gat bij de duim is veel te smal

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