Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Try a Wrist Brace




Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Try a Wrist Brace!

In carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), there’s a compression of the nerve (median nerve) running from the arm through the wrist to the hand and fingers. Learn more about CTS, its causes, and what you can do to alleviate it in this blog!

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Get a Wrist Brace!

CTS is a ‘pinching’ of the nerve pathways located at the wrist joint. Nerve pinching can be extremely painful and have unpleasant consequences. Think about hitting your so-called ‘cell phone bone’. Often, you experience tingling, loss of strength, or numb fingers. People with carpal tunnel syndrome can experience these symptoms constantly or to a high degree.

What is CTS?

The carpal tunnel is the cavity located at the wrist joint where various nerves, blood vessels, and tendons from the arm run. When pressure within the carpal tunnel increases, these structures become compressed. As a result, patients often experience pain, numbness, or tingling in the wrist and/or hand.

Causes of CTS?

Pressure within the carpal tunnel can increase due to factors such as improper work posture, repeated improper hand and wrist movements, trauma, fluctuations in hormone levels (pregnancy or menopause), rheumatism, or diabetes. Symptoms can manifest during the day but are also very characteristic, especially at night!

Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

There are several symptoms you may experience:

  • Pain in the wrist and/or hand
  • Numbness in the hand and/or fingers
  • Tingling in the hand and/or fingers
  • Numb hand and/or fingers
  • Loss of strength in the hand and/or fingers

Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

CTS can often be effectively treated with a combination of physiotherapy, rest, and a nighttime wrist splint. The physiotherapist will provide you with (stretching) exercises and can relieve symptoms through traction. During the night, you wear a wrist brace to prevent compression on the carpal tunnel. Additionally, you should avoid stressing your wrist to avoid aggravating inflammation.

ProBrace can assist you with the best wrist braces used for carpal tunnel syndrome:

  1. The Ligaflex Classic wrist brace, offering the most support to give your wrist optimal rest for proper recovery. Only €34.95! A small price for a significant reduction in your symptoms!
  2. The Medspec Wrist Lacer wrist brace features a moldable aluminum plate, providing stability and support akin to plaster. Support class 3!
  3. For the best price-quality ratio, consider the Ossur Form Fit wrist brace. The wrist brace features Velcro straps for easy one-handed application.

All wrist braces should be worn for a minimum of 6 weeks, particularly during the night! For personalized advice, we recommend contacting one of our physiotherapists.

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